Payment & Credit Policies

Payment & Credit Policies

We are so grateful for your business. In order to provide the highest level of service, we require all of our customers to pay for goods and services promptly. As part of our commitment to serving you with excellence, RJ Kool follows the credit policy and procedures described below. The following policies apply to all customers unless prior credit arrangements have been made.


All customers that have never conducted business with RJ Kool Company are on an Advance Payment term. Prepayment is required for all new customer orders.

  • Equipment Purchase – The terms for purchase of equipment is COD. Payment is expected at time of or prior to delivery of equipment, unless prior credit agreement has been reached. Special orders or large equipment orders require a deposit at the time order is placed and balance due prior to equipment shipping from manufacturer. Special Order equipment will require a 20% deposit at time of order placement.
  • Service Repair Work – The terms for service repair work is due on receipt. Service repairs over $500.00 may require a deposit or COD terms maybe required, based on customer’s previous payment history.
  • Parts Orders – The terms for part orders is due on receipt. Part orders over $500.00 may require a deposit or advance payment terms may be required, based on customer’s previous payment history.

Extension of Credit

All customers requesting extension of credit must submit a complete and signed credit application. Follow this link to complete a Credit Application. Those requesting credit or placing orders in excess of $10,000 may also be required to submit a current business financial statement with their application. Credit review may result in additional deposit payments being required for order release into production. RJ Kool Company will hold all submitted financial information in the strictest of confidence. If credit is denied, orders must be paid in full prior to shipment. In addition, RJ Kool Company reserves the right to cancel credit extension to any customer for any reason without notice. When products are shipped or installed, invoices are generated and sent to customer via email (when supplied) and first class mail. RJ Kool Company may periodically check a customer's credit worthiness without notification to ensure proper credit level.


Any account that is placed on credit hold and marked delinquent will result in credit privileges suspension and interest charges will be assessed. Customers will be liable for any court costs, attorney's fees and other legal expenses associated with the collection of delinquent invoices. A $30.00 charge will be assessed for all checks returned for not sufficient funds (NSF). Returned checks will cause an account to be placed on advanced payment only status.

Conditional Waiver of Lien

All waivers are conditional on receipt of full payment for goods or services. For timely fulfillment of customer requested waivers of lien from RJ Kool Company, requests should accompany customer purchase orders or signed sales agreement at order placement.

Credit Card Payments

RJ Kool Company is pleased to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as payment for any order. If paying by credit card, account information with authorization should be presented at order placement. There may be a 3% service fee added for any credit card payment greater than $1,000.00.

PayPal Payments

RJ Kool Company is pleased to accept PayPal as payment for any order. If you would like to be billed via PayPal please contact the RJ Kool Company Accounting department at 800-345-4551 x114. There may be a 3% service fee added for any PayPal payment greater than $1,000.00.


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