Harmony Cleaning System

Harmony Cleaning System

The Harmony Cleaning System has simplified professional cleaning with one machine, one detergent and one process. For over 60 years, Harmony Cleaning System’s creators have pursued perfection in the commercial laundry equipment industry. These high standards, coupled with a strong attention to detail, have led to creation of the most comprehensive, automated cleaning system on the market.

The Harmony Cleaning System offers:

  • Reduced Cost of Ownership
  • Eco-Friendly Green Technology
  • Superior Cleaning Quality
  • Steam Heat
  • Dry-to-Dry Cycle Options
  • Multi-Weight Loading
  • 14 Minute Wash Cycles
  • 55 Second Quick Extract
  • Automated Cleaning Programs

Lower Costs than Traditional Dry Cleaning Systems

There are many factors that reduce the cost of the Harmony Cleaning System to about one-third the cost of traditional dry cleaning systems, including that the Harmony Cleaning System drastically lowers electrical usage, it requires virtually no maintenance compared to a traditional dry cleaning system and it isn’t necessary to purchase harmful chemicals such as Perc, Hydrocarbons or K4. Additionally, since there is no refrigeration unit in the Harmony Cleaning System, it does not require chilled or city water and there is no cost to dispose of waste sludge.

Designed to Maximize Efficiency to Save Time, Labor and Space

The Harmony Cleaning System is designed to maximize efficiency, saving time, labor and space. Its normal wash times run approximately 14 minutes and its water usage for a full load can be as low as 64.8 gallons for the WUD161S (60 lb. capacity) and 82 gallons for the WUO220S (80 lb. capacity).

Cleans Garments Better than Any Professional Cleaning System

The Harmony Cleaning System processes high soil levels and strong odors more effectively than traditional dry cleaning methods, resulting in successful stain removal and a noticeably cleaner, brighter and fresher finished product. It treats delicate laundry, including wool, cashmere, silk, rayon, leather and linen with equipment, detergent and spotters that have been carefully designed to clean garments better than any other professional cleaning system on the market. The combination of innovative technology and chemistry eliminates the problems associated with other cleaning systems, resulting in no deformation, compression, fading or shrinkage.

Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Detergents

The Harmony Cleaning System is eco-friendly, avoiding chemicals used in harsh dry cleaning process such as Perc, Hydrocarbons or K4. All cleaning solutions used in the Harmony Cleaning System are made from natural ingredients. The Harmony Cleaning System's biodegradable detergents produce non-hazardous waste that can be disposed of through a normal drain.


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