Sunday, 12 March 2017 20:47

RJ Kool Offers FasCard System by Card Concepts (CCI)

RJ Kool is pleased to offer FasCard by Card Concepts Inc. (CCI), an innovative, cost-effective system that is designed specifically to meet the needs of all sizes of commercial and multi-housing laundry operations.

FasCard works with existing coin laundry machines to accept any combination of coins, credit or debit cards and loyalty cards. As a result, the hybrid solution attracts more customers and increases customer loyalty for our coin-op and multi-housing commercial laundry customers. One of the biggest draws of the FasCard system is that it is the only product on the market that allows users to choose their own credit card merchant services provider.

This gives our coin-op and multi-housing commercial laundry customers the ability to shop for the most competitive rates on the market and select their preferred vendor. Additionally, FasCard users may change merchant credit card processors at any time, ensuring that they have complete control over the fees that they incur when accepting credit cards.

The FasCard system features an integrated loyalty “wash card” program for loyalty card users and coin-op and multi-housing commercial laundry customers that is designed to attract new business and increase customer loyalty with current customers. The system automatically tracks and manages rewards. FasCard also allows users to schedule price changes during different parts of the day or different days of the week.

The FasCard system automates many aspects of the laundry business, saving coin-op and multi-housing commercial laundry owners time and money. It offers more user-friendly features than any other product on the market, including an easy-to-use smart phone interface for both Android and Apple (IOS) phones. Users can create an account, add value, manage loyalty cards, check machine availability, request cycle completion notifications and even start a washer or dryer remotely.

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To inquire about the FasCard system and how it can benefit your coin-op and multi-housing commercial laundry, please contact RJ Kool at (800)-345-4551 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..