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You opened a laundry operation to give you more freedom in your life. However, what happens when a customer needs service while you are on vacation or out running errands? This is where DexterLive Laundry Management System comes in. DexterLive allows you to manage your business remotely from a smart phone, giving you the ability to start, reboot, or remove any Dexter laundry machine from service. You can use the remote management capabilities to track error code alerts and send remote starts when needed. Access to comes standard on all Dexter products, allowing you to easily remotely program your machines. It also offers remote management capabilities that track error code alerts and send remote starts when needed.

Revenue Generation | Dexter - Commercial Laundry Management System | RJ Kool

Maximize Revenue Generation

DexterLive Laundry Management System has multiple PLUS cycles available, allowing you to select the perfect combination that fit your business needs. By setting up special promotions, you can schedule different pricing structures at different times of the day and/or certains days of the week to help balance your customer load and ensure maximum revenue generation.

Reporting | Dexter - Commercial Laundry Management System | RJ Kool

Revenue and Cycle-Based Reporting

DexterLive Laundry Management System provides customizable reports with real-time revenue totals to track business performance. This allows you to easily track revenue and customize your cycles and promotions to maximize your revenue potential.


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DexterLive Laundry Management System will expand your possibilities to live the live you want to, not the life you have to. For more information regarding DexterLive, please contact RJ Kool at (800)-345-4551 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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