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Maytag Commercial Laundry is advancing commercial laundry management with the new Maytag Connect 360, a web-based laundry management system designed to boost profits for multi-housing laundry facilities.

Maytag Connect 360 allows facility owners to manage multiple aspects of their business from a single web portal, including remote diagnosis and end-user alerts. Maytag Connect 360Commercial Technology allows owners to keep an eye on profits from anywhere, at anytime. We're offering yet another way to reduce downtime, increase profits and attract today's technically savvy customers all while simplifying operations for a commercial laundry facility owner.

Whether at home, traveling or in a remote location, Maytag Connect 360 allows commercial laundry facility owners to:

  • Retrieve information on money collection and analyze usage patterns
  • Remotely setup and modify vending prices to maximize profits
  • Review cycle data and predict maintenance needs
  • Receive service code notifications that can be forwarded immediately to a service technician

The power behind Maytag Connect 360 is that it gives commercial laundry facility owners ultimate freedom and flexibility when it comes to managing their commercial laundry operations. Both customers and tenants will benefit from Maytag Connect 360 as well. Maytag Connect 360's exclusive commercial technology allows users to receive alerts regarding completed wash and dry cycles and machine availability.

Maytag Connect 360 is enabled by a small exterior module that fits current Maytag Commercial Laundry models and can be retrofitted to work with older units.

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