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The costs of over-drying are high – increased utility costs, unnecessary labor output and linen degradation. Studies have shown that the majority of commercial laundry operators over-dry their laundry by more than eight minutes per cycle.

OPTidry Over-Dry Prevention Technology is a cutting-edge solution featuring sensors that run the entire length of the commercial tumble dryer lifter. The sensors connect to a revolutionary rotary transfer switch that automatically stops a dryer tumbler once it reaches its preset level of dryness throughout the entire load.

cost of overdrying - Efficient Commercial Drying Technologies| RJ Kool

Here are a few benefits of OPTidry’s Over-Dry PreventionCommercial Drying Technology:

    • Reduces the cost of labor, which is the usually the highest cost incurred from over-drying. In fact, the average laundry facility spends ten times as much on labor costs as it does on its utilities.
    • By preventing over-drying, the labor cost per hour is greatly reduced, saving laundry operators a significant amount of money.
    • Over-drying causes linens to lose fiber more quickly and creates more wear and tear. According to a recent study done by UniMac, linens experience 31 percent less fiber loss when they are not over dried.
  • Take the employee guesswork out of determining if a load is dry since the sensors automatically stop the tumbler once the optimal dryness level is reached.

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