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It’s difficult to improve a commercial laundry facility’s operational efficiency without access to updated, accurate data. UniLinc is a complete On-Premise Commercial Laundry control system that gathers commercial laundry machine performance and maintenance data in order to best maximize it’s efficiency. With wireless networking, you can do it all remotely again saving time and money.

The UniLinc commercial laundry system produces graphic reports that can be emailed to a laptop or PC with valuable insight into each of your commercial laundry machines’ performance data, error notifications and service history logs. These reports reveal areas where managers and executives can increase efficiency and reduce operating costs, which ultimately leads to significant cost savings and improvements in operational efficiency.


UniLinc offers many features and benefits including:

  • Accurately and continuously records performance data
  • User-friendly controls making training and operation of commercial laundry equipment simple
  • UniLinc software makes it easy to program multiple machines at one time
  • Automatically sends notifications when it’s time for scheduled maintenance or when errors arise
  • Wireless networking allows users to remotely monitor, manage and troubleshoot errors
  • The UniLinc commercial laundry system is designed to work effectively with both Unimac’s washer-extractors and tumble dryer
  • UniLinc ties UniMac technologies together including OPTidry and OPTispray rinsing technology to lower the cost of ownership and increase ease of operations

The Measure of On-Premise Laundry Success

Unilinc Laundry - Commercial Laundry System | RJ Kool Save Water and Energy

  • OPTispray Rinsing Technology provides highly effective rinsing that uses less water and decreases overall utility costs
  • Nine ECO cycles available to minimize water and energy consumption
  • Industry-leading 400 G-Force extraction decreases drying times, reducing gas and labor costs
  • Automatic water leak detection and slow drain detection identify errors, like a slowly leaking fill valve, before they become bigger issues — helping you save water and sewage costs
  • OPTidry prevents over-drying and saves utility, labor and linen replacement costs
  • Industry-leading fast cycle times deliver lower electricity costs

Increase Throughput

  • OPTispray reduces cycle time by 12%
  • Slow drain detection monitors drain time to catch issues early and reduce maintenance expenses
  • Automatic water leak detection monitors and alerts you to leaks, helping you address them promptly
  • Advanced start feature finishes a wash load before employees arrive to increase productivity

Unilinc wireless networking - Commercial Laundry System | RJ Kool Wirelessly Monitor Your Laundry Operation 

  • Manage your entire laundry operation off-site from any computer
  • Wireless networking for remote monitoring of multiple machines and locations for optimal efficiency
  • Service related audit data helps manage equipment costs and ensure longevity
  • Automatic warning emails alert you in real time to help avoid maintenance costs
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting help you quickly self-diagnose problems
  • Automatic maintenance reminders reduce downtime
  • Access to data reports for programming and troubleshooting
  • Records start time, stop time and idle time between cycles for easy labor monitoring
  • Records when operators cut cycles short, helping you monitor quality
  • Records when a machine is out of balance, an indicator of poor loading practices that cause wasted labor, chemical and utility costs
  • Records highest water temperature reached for each cycle for quality control

Gain Flexibility and Control

  • 41 customizable cycles make it easy to choose the right wash cycles based on linen type
  • Programmable water levels allow you to offer the most economical cycles to control water usage
  • Temperature controlled fill, thermal cool-down and soak capability for optimal fabric care
  • 8 simple chemical connections with easy programming
  • Wet clean capability to meet special washing needs

Easy to Use

  • User-friendly graphic display simplifies training and operations for fewer errors
  • UniLinc software offers easy programming of multiple machines at once
  • Six customizable languages for multilingual operation and easier training
  • Same control for both OPL washers and OPL tumblers streamlines operator use and training
  • One-touch operation allows you to simply select a cycle and push start

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