Introducing TotalVue™ Powered by UniLinc™

by Bill Kimmel, 4 years ago
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You can only improve what you can measure. And now, measuring is easier than it’s ever been. TotalVue™ Powered by UniLinc™ is the most easy-to-set-up, easy-to-access, and easy-to-use monitoring and management tool. This revolutionary UniLinc update gives managers and executives complete visibility to key performance statistics in their laundry operation—from individual machines to operations spanning multiple locations. Quickly and easily measure efficiency, productivity, utility expenses and capacity utilization of your equipment with up-to-the-minute details. Track ongoing data and set internal benchmarks for specific machines and single or multiple locations, helping you make immediate improvements to your laundry operation. Monitor and make adjustments any time, from anywhere in the world with cloud-based system access. And with simple, easy-to-understand dashboard reports, you can quickly and seamlessly transform critical information into actual actionable results. Start taking complete control of your laundry. Start optimizing efficiency and minimizing costs. And start running your laundry operation like you run your business. With TotalVue, it’s not only possible—it’s easy.