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5 Reasons Your On-Premise Laundry Needs Commercial Washers

Commercial Washers

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Commercial washers are a must-have for businesses that have laundry facilities on the premises. With companies ranging from laundromats to salons, gyms, hospitals, and hotels having laundry needs, it’s easy to see the need for the most efficient equipment.

Many suggest that the answer to meeting these needs lies in using commercial-grade equipment. Read on to learn more about some of the reasons to invest in commercial machines.

Commercial Washing Machines May Save Water

Many newer machines have water-sensing features that cut down on the amount of water wasted. Because a majority of machines run while underloaded, reducing the amount of water used is essential. Your decreased energy usage helps the environment and keeps your utility bills lower, always a major benefit for cost-conscious companies.

Many environmental organizations specifically recognize businesses that do their part to protect the environment. Newer commercial machines that adhere to Energy Star standards can help your company meet these goals. Health clubs and hospitals are examples of businesses that may benefit from special recognition for reduced water usage.

Commercial Washers May Offer Smart Dosing

If your business is a fitness center, a hospital, or a hotel, you might have to deal with multiple large loads every day. Commercial washers include automatic dosing systems making it easy to use the exact amount of detergent or softener you need. You never need to worry about too much or too little again.

Another advantage of washers for commercial use is being able to prevent destructive dosing. Improper dosing often leads to equipment damage, as well as laundry not rinsing properly. One of the downsides of improper dosing, too, is that the life of your linens may shorten considerably.

The washing process is more streamlined and efficient with automatic chemical dispensing. User error is a leading cause of laundry damage and automatic features prevent the damage. Employees and customers will appreciate error-free loads.

Commercial-Grade Laundry Equipment Has Higher Capacity

Settings that require quick turnaround times for clean laundry include hospitals, hotels, and gyms. Machines with a higher capacity can help keep pace with these demands a lot more easily. In settings where the laundry is self-service, machines with a higher capacity will help move everything along faster.

The loads that commercial-grade machines can handle may weigh up to 135 pounds. For these machines, their ability to handle larger loads reduces your service costs or damage to the machines. In addition to higher-capacity washers, larger dryers allow more efficient drying, reducing the threat of mold or mildew.

On-Premise Laundry Needs Commercial Washers: Access to Ozone Systems is Easier

Although bleach and other harsh chemicals have traditionally been used for disinfecting, as well as high heat, many industries are cognizing better ways to fight germs. Ozone has emerged as a more environmentally-friendly way to fight germs. Using ozone requires less water and energy, which are also major plusses.

Besides being one of the more eco-friendly options, ozone cleans a lot more deeply than most other methods. Some systems may, in fact, have as much as a 99.99% effectiveness rate against bacteria and viruses. Any linens cleaned using this method look and feel better while experiencing less wear-and-tear.

Machines Suited to Continuous Use

The continuous use often involved with commercial-grade washers would otherwise cause these machines to wear out. Any facilities that have more than six daily loads will see increased savings from going with commercial machines.

Machines designed for less usage are less likely to handle the demands of laundry in commercial settings. When you switch to machines designed for commercial usage, the savings are definitely worth the effort.

RJ Kool has the laundry equipment, including commercial washers that your business needs to be its best, contact us today for more information.

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