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5 Signs it Time to Upgrade Your Dry Cleaning Equipment

upgrade dry cleaning equipment

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If you run a commercial laundry and dry cleaner, it may time to upgrade your dry cleaning equipment. Between new, greener machines and upgraded technology, your equipment may be a bit behind the times.

New and improved equipment not only performs better but they are far better for the environment. If you are wondering if your equipment needs to be upgraded, you may be right.

5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Dry Cleaning Equipment

Dry cleaning has been around for many years but has certainly evolved. Technology has helped that.

1. They Use Outdated Chemicals

Harsh chemicals have always been used to dry clean clothes, but these are not healthy for people or the environment. If it is difficult for you to find the cleaning solutions you need, it’s time for new dry cleaning equipment.

These chemicals are not available for a reason. They are harmful and dangerous. It can be expensive to switch the equipment over, but you will be doing yourself, your customer, and the environment a favor.

2. Your Machines Don’t Complete the Job

If your dry cleaning equipment is unable to complete the job, then it is not performing as it should be. That means the customers are not getting what they need, and you are able to do the job the way it should be done.

Clothes may come out with stains, still damp, or not completely processed is a good indication your machines are out-of-date. It’s important to make sure your business is up to standard for you and your customer.

3. No Technology

Technology now plays a big part in all commercial laundry facilities. The ability to take control of your dry cleaning equipment is a huge step for your business.

You can actually save money when you can program your machines to run when you want, control the amount of solvent used, run them at off-peak hours, and even operate them remotely.

4. You Have Different Machines for Wet and Dry

Many commercial laundries have two separate machines for the wet cycle and the dry cycle for dry cleaning. This risks exposing the chemicals and solvents to the air, which gets into the room and the environment.

Now, there are dry-to-dry machines that can do both cycles in the same machine. No need to transfer the wet garments to a different machine. This keeps people safe and eliminates the need for two separate machines.

5. Your Dry Cleaning Equipment Leaks

If you are finding a strong odor of chemicals while your machines are in operation, or there are puddles or stains on the floor, it is definitely time to upgrade those machines.

These chemicals used are harmful to people, to the environment, and if you are still using older chemicals, they can also be carcinogenic. You don’t want to risk your own health or risk poisoning the groundwater and environment.

New Dry Cleaning Equipment

Not only do you need to be safe, but you need machines that can do the job using today’s safer solvents. Programmable machines can help cut your workload down, save time, money and cut back on your energy bill, as well.

We supply brands such as Unipress, Firbimatic, Unimac, Fulton Boiler,  and many others. We do have a small selection of used equipment in inventory for sale. We only select the best quality of used equipment for sale.

If the piece of equipment is past its useful life, we simply dispose of it. RJ Kool Company stands behind each piece of equipment we sell. Give us a call today to find out more.

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