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5 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Coin-Op Laundry Equipment

5 Signs it's Time to Upgrade Your Coin-Op Laundry Equipment

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There are plenty of benefits if you upgrade your coin-op laundry equipment. Running a laundromat is a lot of work, but it doesn’t need to be. Better quality equipment makes life easier for you and your customers.

With so many advances in technology, people are going to choose the laundry facility that has the best machines. If your machines just aren’t cutting it any longer, it’s likely time to upgrade.

5 Signs it’s Time to Upgrade Your Coin-Op Laundry Equipment

New laundry equipment can do so much more than their older counterparts can, it’s just not worth hanging on to older machines.

Machines Break Down

If your machines are constantly breaking down or out of order, it’s time to upgrade your coin-op laundry equipment. Machines that don’t work are expensive.

You have to pay to have them fixed, serviced, or replaced. You also lose money when people can’t use them. If this happens frequently, you are going to lose those customers altogether.

Leaks and other problems are a pain and they cost money. Wasted water and machines that can’t be used will soon be ignored completely. So the loss is too great to keep trying to fix old, worn-out machines.

High Utility Costs

Older laundry equipment doesn’t work as efficiently as the newer ones do. If machines are old and faulty, they can be running up your energy bill for no reason.

Newer machines have better features and are much more energy-efficient to run. They use less water and less energy which will save you a lot of money. Even one new machine can save hundreds of gallons of water.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Coin-Op Laundry Equipment: Technology Outdated

Another great reason to upgrade your coin-op laundry equipment is the technological advancements that have been made, and continue to do so. Smart machines can do a lot of things your older machines simply can’t.

New machines have sensors that help control the water, protect your clothing, control the temperature, are programmable to do a pre-soak, start at a specific time and even send you alerts when your load is finished, if there are problems, or when a machine is free.

Payment Options

The worry and aggravation for people to have to find quarters or coins for the machine are immense. Upgrade your coin-op laundry equipment to non-coin. There are several methods you can incorporate for your customers to pay.

Prepaid cards, a card reader for their debit or credit cards are all becoming the standard way for people to pay for their laundry loads. This is a benefit to you, as the owner, as people will not try to break into the machines to steal the coins.

You can have both methods available if needed. You can also upgrade the other equipment like soap and fabric softener dispensers, and even vending machines for snacks or drinks.

Damaged Machines

If your machines are dented, rusting, or falling apart, it’s time to upgrade your coin-op laundry equipment. Machines not only don’t perform right, but they can stain, tear, and damage your customer’s clothing.

Rusty dented machines just don’t look nice and that is a reflection of your entire business. Upgrading your equipment shows you care about providing your customers the best experience you can.

Upgrade Your Coin-Op Laundry Equipment

For more information, please contact us here at RJ Kool. We have all brands of machines with the latest technology. Don’t waste your money trying to keep older machines functioning. Upgrade your coin-op machines and see the difference in your energy bill, lower maintenance, and happier customers.

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