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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

Maintaining Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

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Maintaining your commercial laundry equipment is a vital part of keeping your equipment operational for as long as possible. Preventative maintenance will help prevent major problems for your business.

Read on to learn some tips that will help you avoid the major costs associated with repairs. These tips will also help you maximize your investment.

Always Read Your Instruction Manual

Although instruction manuals are very important, laundry equipment owners often skip reading them. Some of the information that you might discover from reading the manual includes:

  • How often do you need to perform maintenance
  • Which cleaning products do you need to use on your equipment
  • Utility requirements for safe operation


Taking your time to read through everything properly will give you maximum benefit. Even as time-consuming or irrelevant as info in the manual might seem, none of it is irreverent.

How Cleaning is an Important Part of Maintaining Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

An important part of maintaining your commercial laundry equipment is keeping everything clean. Keeping the exterior of your equipment clean helps keep your facility looking clean, and spares you from premature replacements.

Another advantage of regular exterior cleaning helps keep debris, including lint, out of the machine. Leftover detergent and soap can also have corrosive effects, which could cause damage.

There are some areas that require particular attention for cleaning, including soap dispensers and lint filters. Soaking the soap dispensers in water helps remove soap residue that could clog up washing machines.

Water filter inlet screens often become clogged easily. These should be cleaned or replaced regularly to prevent the water flow from getting disrupted.

What Are Important Laundry Equipment Parts to Check?

Inlet and outlet hoses are susceptible to small leaks, as well as blockages caused by sentiment buildup. When water flow is disrupted or you have leaks, these could lead to high water bills.

Belts that run from the motor to the drum on washing machines usually require twice-yearly replacement. Some of the things to watch for include fraying or splitting.

The seals around the washer doors are crucial for keeping everything water-tight. Checking for and removing buildup helps ensure that these seals remain tight.

Lastly, one of the most important things to check, particularly after each load, is your dyers’ lint filters. At the very least, this lint can cause overheating, leading to the dryers breaking down. In a worst-case scenario, overheating can cause fires, so you want to make sure your lint filters are always clear.

Keeping Washer Doors Open Makes a Difference

Many people don’t think about washing machines as requiring drying. However, the air will circulate much more freely inside the machine with the doors left open. A washing machine should, ideally, be completely dry in between uses.

One of the advantages of leaving washer doors open, besides signaling that the machine is available to customers, is that it helps eliminate sour or musty smells. These types of smells are common in settings where the machine hasn’t dried out in between loads.

Maintaining Your Commercial Laundry Equipment: How to Deal With It

One of the things that are important for anyone with a laundry business to pay attention to is any error codes that display on the machines. Many types of equipment used in laundry businesses require regular software updates. Taking the time to read through the manual and know what types of regular updates and maintenance are necessary will save a lot of time.

At RJ Kool, we offer a full line of new and used laundry equipment, as well as parts and repair services. We want to make sure everything from purchasing to maintaining your commercial laundry equipment is as effortless as possible, so contact us today.

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