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Benefits of Ozone in a vended laundry

benefits of ozone

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What are the biggest benefits of ozone washing for vended laundry businesses?

Ozone is a novel method for cleaning clothes and fabrics without resorting to harmful chemicals like bleach. It’s become quite popular in recent years among businesses that cannot accept anything less than stellar laundry. For that reason alone, it’s common for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities to use it.

What is ozone, and why should you consider it for your vended laundry company?

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a laundry system that instead of using chemicals, detergent, and high temperatures, operates off of O3 gas, a powerful low-temperature force. This cleaning method has been shown to eradicate bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and fungi far better than traditional washing. We supply this system to people through the innovative Aquawing brand, makers of machinery that converts air into 95% pure oxygen for more focused and efficient cleaning.

What are the Primary Benefits of Ozone?

  1. Slash Energy Costs
    • You can do wonders for your power bill by switching to ozone, and nixing all the high-heat cleaning.
  2. Less Water Involved
    • Since ozone is more effective, it reduces the time to wash fabrics, which translates into lower water usage.
  3. Make Drying Way Easier
    • You can dry clothes much faster when you employ a less chemical-focused system like Ozone. That’s because much of the drying process involves extracting detergent residue that didn’t go down the drain with the wash water.
  4. Destroy Bacteria with LESS Detergent
    • Ozone gives you a faster and cleaner way to kill bacteria without staining clothes with harsh bleaches.
  5. Preserve Fabrics
    • Ozone washing is a lot like soft washing a building exterior. The lower temperature and less reliance on cleaners will preserve materials rather than slowly corrode them.
  6. Wash Different Fabrics Together
    • Do you have to wash white clothes and colored items? Isn’t it a hassle to separate them and do multiple washes (especially with only a few white items)? Another advantage to switching from bleach to ozone (with cooler water) is that you don’t have to worry about the colors bleeding into each other across fabrics.

Other Advantages to Pursuing New Equipment

Even if you decide not to go the ozone route, you may still wish to invest in new laundry equipment. There are a plethora of good reasons to do so.

  • New commercial equipment gives you a great opportunity to reduce utility costs AND get the job done much faster.
  • As soon as you switch to newer machines, you won’t have to deal with repairing those obsolete washers and dryers any longer.
  • Newer machines have way more advanced settings, which gives you multiple options for addressing varying degrees of dirty fabrics.
  • The newer machines are also built to last way longer. Plus, when you get them from us, you can depend on significant manufacturer and service warranties.
  • Updated equipment even looks better in your facility, which can contribute to a better reputation in your gym, hotel, or coin-op laundromat.

RJ Kool Can Help You Realize All the Benefits of Ozone

We hope this gives you enough information to consider a potential upgrade to ozone cleaning. RJ Kool supplies many washer/dryer models from top manufacturers like Aquawing, UniMac, Maytag, and others.

You can rely on our staff to help you with any commercial laundry needs. This has been our area of expertise since the company’s inception in 1971, when we were a small business in a single location. Now we operate out of half a dozen sites in key Midwestern hubs like St. Louis, Kansas City, Tulsa, and Minneapolis.

Contact us today to learn even more about the many benefits of ozone cleaning, and finally obtain the laundry results you’ve been after for a while.

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