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Commercial Laundry Energy Efficiency

commercial laundry energy efficiency

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Keeping energy costs down is an on-going concern for commercial buildings and residential properties alike. Making choices when it comes to the types of appliances we use can make a big difference.

It will also depend on what type of energy source you use. For many large organizations, it is a huge cost. Equipment manufacturers and suppliers are keenly aware of this.

They are responding to this demand by continuously using technology to help with the high cost of operation. Commercial washers and dryers are becoming more efficient and are able to perform better, as well.

The demand on the machines, the size of the machines, and what is to be laundered also play an important role. While you may not have a lot of options on your energy source, you do have plenty of options for energy-efficient machines.

Energy Efficient Commercial Laundry Equipment

Newer commercial laundry equipment is more technologically savvy than ever before. Programmable cycles, temperatures, and options for the type of garments or materials to be cleaned are constantly expanding.

Washers and dryers with programmable options allow users to choose their preferred cycle based on load type. This helps to extend the life of the towels, uniforms, or linens, which can be costly to replace.

Washers also come with the option of a spray rinse rather than the entire tub filling up. This way, you cut the water usage in at least half and still have the desired results.

There are preset settings for how strong the spin cycle is going to be. The more water expelled during the spin cycle, the less time needed in the dryer.

Washing machines can be set to do an overnight presoak to lessen the amount of time and energy needed to clean the fabrics. This saves on energy because less time and energy is needed for heavily soiled items.

Dryers that have a reverse-tumble feature, allows larger items, such as sheets and blankets, to billow out for even drying. They also have moisture detection, which allows the dryer to shut down when the sheets hit the desired percentage. This saves on energy and extends the life of the linens.

Less drying also means less lint. Lint can clog up the machines rather badly, which then requires servicing. It takes more energy to dry materials when the machines need to work harder, due to less airflow.

It’s also important to have the right mix of machines to reach maximum efficiency. For instance, how many hours the equipment will operate every day will depend on the number of hotel rooms, types of linens laundered, the number of guests, meals prepared and served, the season, and so much more.

This information will help determine how many larger or smaller machines will be needed the most. That will help the laundry facility operate smoothly and efficiently.

Discussing this with your distributor will let them understand better the types of machines you will need, how many, and what programs are going to be suited for each of them, depending on the task.

Ask The Experts

At RJ Kool, we do a savings analysis proposal, to break down your cost of operation. So, If you consider buying this particular machine, this is what we anticipate your operating cost to be.

This is helpful information, as some people may think that the less expensive machine is the better deal, but it’s not always so. A machine that can be programmed to be more energy-efficient can actually save a lot of money as time goes on.

This will matter a great deal for organizations that have their machines running all day or night. A hospital, a hotel, a care home, will need to be able to access clean laundry for all areas all the time.

If you are constantly changing sheets, towels, uniforms, tablecloths, kitchen linens, and other items used and needed to be laundered every day, you can see how that will matter.

Contact RJ Kool today and find out what types of commercial washers and dryers are going to be best suited for your unique situation. Your daily usage, your energy source, and the items needed to be cleaned will all play a part in these decisions.

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