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Common Commercial Laundry Machine Repairs

laundry machine repairs

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What are the most common laundry machine repairs you can do for commercial machines?

Today’s laundry equipment has come a long way since before we entered the business over 50 years ago, but even the best machines may malfunction. If you own a laundromat, then you know what it’s like when multiple washers and dryers go down at the same time. Fortunately, there are a few solutions to some of the typical problems, which we’ll share with you in this post.

Three of the Most Common Laundry Machine Repairs

  1. Water Doesn’t Stop Running
    • This is a scary problem because it could flood the area and create a colossal headache. If your washer’s water doesn’t stop running, it may be the overflow switch not working. This could malfunction for one of two reasons: 1) It’s broken and needs replacing, or 2) The switch is disconnected.
  2. Washer Not Filling
    • Then, there’s the opposite problem of not getting enough water. This is usually a problem with the inlet hose stemming from a kink or leak somewhere. For the latter, you’ll have to get a new hose, which you can order from us by visiting our Equipment Parts department.
  3. Washer Fills, But Doesn’t Spin
    • First, make sure you don’t have too many clothes in the washer. Many users over-fill and overwhelm the machine. The other common culprit is a tripped lid switch, either from damage or disconnection.

Two Other Repairs You Should Know

There are a couple of other typical problems we run into a lot: washers not draining, and dryers not heating properly.

If your washer isn’t draining right, it means your drain has a clog or other damage. Clogs occur if the machine is dirty or if a sock or other small item lodges in there. Of course, pumps don’t last forever, though. When they break, call RJ Kool for assistance and pump replacement.

The dryer may function poorly when something’s wrong with its heating element. If you can get into the rear panel to replace a broken one, then the next step is to test it with a multimeter. Once again, you can contact us for help if you aren’t sure how to handle this.

How to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Laundry Equipment

Since washers and dryers aren’t cheap, it really helps to know how to preserve them and get your money’s worth. Besides these repair tricks we’ve shown you, there are several ways to extend your laundry equipment’s lifespan.

  • Use Machines Properly
    • This is the most important consideration, but it’s tricky if you’re using your machines as rentals for the public. That means you’re bound to encounter folks who don’t just respect the equipment. As much as possible, try to encourage users to not overfill machines or use excessive detergent.
  • Practice Good Housekeeping Around Laundry Machines
    • Good housekeeping always correlates with better machine operation. Therefore, you should keep surrounding areas clean and free of debris and obstructions.
  • Clean Washers and Dryers Often
    • Don’t forget to clean the insides of your machines, too. This is where you can check the washer hoses to remove potential clogs.
  • Contact us for Inspections and Service
    • It’s always wise to have a professional look over any expensive piece of equipment after you’ve used it a lot. If you suspect something’s wrong with the laundry equipment in your facility, you can always hire RJ Kool for a quick inspection or service.

Call RJ Kool for Prompt and Reliable Laundry Machine Repairs

RJ Kool is the Midwest’s top commercial laundry equipment supplier and service company. We serve businesses and laundry facilities in places like Kansas City, St. Louis, Tulsa, and Omaha. This includes clients representing hospitals, universities, gyms, fire departments, and more.

Contact us anytime to hire a trained and licensed technician for all your critical laundry machine repairs.

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