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Common Commercial Laundry Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

common commercial laundry mistakes

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Today, let’s look at some of the most common commercial laundry mistakes, including some effective ways to avoid them. This will cover topics ranging from equipment choices to best practices in any laundry facility.

RJ Kool, the leading supplier of effective equipment, has seen everything at one point or another in the laundry business. We want to help you avoid broken machines, get cleaner clothes, and enjoy a more successful operation.

The Most Common Commercial Laundry Mistakes

  1. Delaying Routine Machine Maintenance
    • Washers and dryers aren’t cheap. So, it behooves the owner to take good care of them. It’s the same as owning a car or lawn-care equipment: preventative maintenance is crucial. We’ll mention more on cleaning below, but don’t forget to check on mechanical components like hoses, lid sensors, heating elements on dryers, and so forth. It also helps to hire a professional to do an inspection once in a while.
  2. Using Way too Much Detergent and Chemicals
    • The leading cause of excessive washing machine soap suds is the excessive use of detergent. It’s also possible for operators to use the wrong volume (or type) of chemicals, which can damage machines and ruin fabrics. Therefore, you should always review manufacturers’ recommendations for detergent guidelines before washing clothes.
  3. Overloading the Machines
    • Too many clothes in the washer can overwhelm the water pump, leading to washing and drainage problems. It also makes it hard to disperse detergent throughout the wash.
  4. Under-loading Them
    • It’s a tremendous waste of water and electricity to under-load a washer or dryer; not to mention an inefficient way to clean clothes in a large facility.

Other Important Advice

Then, there are some other minor problems you should avoid if you run a large laundry facility or even a multi-family site.

It’s common for laundry machine users to select the wrong settings for washing clothes. Though you may not be able to police this very much as a commercial owner, you can at least post signs and instructions. It can also become very expensive to wash every load at normal settings (when it’s simply unnecessary).

Finally, it’s incredibly important to clean all of your washers and dryers. Just like routine maintenance, this may seem overwhelming if you have a heavy volume of machines, but it’s essential.

When you don’t clean and maintain machines, you risk mildew overgrowth or leaving more bacteria on clothes. You also risk a fire if you don’t clean the lint catcher or dryer vents periodically.

Save Money – Focus on Energy Saving Equipment

While it’s not a mistake to use less energy efficient equipment, per se, it will ultimately hurt your bottom line. It’s no different from homeowners who switch to water-saving washers, which can really help your budget and minimize waste.

Here are the primary benefits of investing in energy efficient laundry equipment:

  • Decrease your company’s utility bill.
  • Enjoy products that last much longer than older alternatives.
  • Some government jurisdictions offer tax credits and incentives for using energy-efficient commercial equipment.
  • They require much less detergent and chemicals to operate effectively.
  • Older machines will become obsolete, eventually.

RJ Kool: Your Best Resource for Commercial Laundry Supplies

RJ Kool supplies and services the largest variety of commercial equipment for businesses and organizations of all kinds. This includes top brands like Unimac, Maytag, Dexter, and Speed Queen. We also help many major hospitality companies, like Marriott and Hilton hotels, get through their enormous laundry quantities.

We’ve been in business since the early 1970s and have come a long way since very humble beginnings. Today, our current staff is larger and boasts over 150 years of combined experience.

Contact us today to avoid common commercial laundry mistakes by supplying your laundromat, gym, university, or healthcare facility with top-notch equipment.

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