RJ Kool has extensive experience in creating efficient on-premise commercial laundries for hotels, motels, inns and resorts. We offer a full line of on-premise commercial laundry equipment, including Unimac washers, dryers, stack washers/dryers and heated rollers at the absolute lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Our team of on-premise commercial laundry equipment experts specializes in maximizing laundry space while reducing costs.

On-Premise Laundry Equipment

RJ Kool’s durable commercial laundry equipment is constructed from the highest quality materials to maximize profitability, efficiency and productivity. Our products are backed by an industry-leading warranty to minimize downtime and optimize productivity. RJ Kool offers Unimac commercial washers that are designed to effectively meet the needs of on-premise laundries with durability, efficiency and innovation in mind. Unimac commercial dryers offer the very best in terms of performance and efficiency while achieving optimal drying results. Unimac Stack Washer/Dryers that stacks the dryer on top of the washer helps save on floor space. Additionally, all of our equipment has energy-saving features to reduce utility costs.


RJ Kool’s on-premise laundry equipment features UniMac’s innovative UniLinc system that allows users to gather laundry machine performance and maintenance data to best maximize their efficiency. RJ Kool’s on-premise commercial washers offer OPTispray Rinsing Technology and our on-premise commercial dryers offer OPTidry, Over-Dry Prevention Technology. This advanced technology delivers the fastest, most efficient wash and dry possible, allowing your staff to quickly restock your rooms with clean, comfortable linens. This results in efficient room turnover, heightened customer satisfaction and reduced operating costs.


Integra’s super-concentrated laundry detergents reduce ongoing costs and labor incurred for linen replacement for the hospitality industry. Integra’s laundry detergents are effective in treating all soil levels and water conditions chemicals, consistently delivering high quality results and increased productivity.


RJ Kool offers the most comprehensive and responsive commercial laundry equipment service department in our area. RJ Kool has some of the most experienced and best trained commercial laundry equipment service technicians in the industry. Our goal is to meet our customer’s commercial laundry service needs within 24 hours. Our service team operates out of 5 convenient locations—Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha, Springfield and Wichita.


RJ Kool offers several finance options to fit your needs. We’ll work within your budget to make paying for your Commercial Laundry Equipment purchase as easy as possible. If you’re an experienced business owner applying for less than $100,000 commercial loan, all you need to complete is a short, one-page online credit application to begin the review process.


RJ Kool is proud to offer flexible equipment leasing options to accommodate our many different commercial laundry customer needs. We can structure your lease so it provides cash flow advantages over other forms of financing equipment because payments can be lower and can be tailored to current cash flow. With the right leasing options, you’ll be able to expand your business, increase productivity and better compete in today’s business world.

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