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How a Commercial Laundry Design Consultant Can Help You with Your On-Premise Space

Commercial Laundry Design Consultant

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If you aren’t familiar with what a commercial laundry design consultant does, you may want to think about how one can benefit your business. In addition to commercial laundromats, there are many types of businesses that benefit from having washing facilities on their premises. Examples of such businesses include healthcare facilities, gyms, fitness centers, and hotels or motels.

However, designing the spaces where you will have this equipment is important. If you don’t design these spaces properly, you’re risking ruining your efficiency. Read on to learn more about the design consultancy process and how it may benefit you.

The Importance of Planning in the Design Process

There are several important aspects to consider before you come up with your final design, including:

  • The equipment you will buy and use
  • Any accessories needed
  • Delivery access for your building
  • How much storage do you need
  • Where you’ll place your access pathways

You’ll need to think about how frequently the area that you dedicate to laundry will be in use. The more frequently an area is used, the more storage you also require. Your main takeaways from designing this space should be that the area needs to be accessible, while designed with efficiency in mind.

A Commercial Laundry Design Consultant Can Help You Figure Out Equipment Sizes

Using a commercial laundry design consultant can be helpful when you need to determine what equipment you need for in-house laundry. The idea of deciding how many machines you need and what size they need may seem overwhelming on the surface. However, that’s where consulting services prove helpful by providing some needed clarity on actions to take.

Some of the things that a consultant can address include:

  • What mixture of equipment will meet your needs best
  • Where the incoming utility lines need to be
  • Any accessory items that must be taken into account
  • The locations of any windows or doors
  • Your total room dimensions

Your initial meeting with the consultant you use for laundry design will address these factors, as well as other important considerations. The better your planning, the more satisfactory your overall outcome. When you’ve planned everything properly, your business will benefit far more overall.

Figuring Out Connecting the Utilities

One thing that you will need to do is plan the requirements for your utilities, including:

  • Water lines
  • Exhaust fans and venting
  • Gas lines
  • Drains
  • Electrical systems

Deciding where all these elements will go helps the whole process come together more easily. Although some business owners try to make these plans on their own, you will enjoy better results by working with someone specializing in laundry consultancy. Using a professional with this expertise will help ensure that things go more smoothly.

Working Closely With Architects and Business Owners

One of the advantages of using a consultant is their ability to work just as easily with business owners and architects. Analysis tools that are available help streamline this process no matter what the circumstances. One of the things consultants can do is help provide access to CAD files that make planning much easier.

Consultants can also schedule lunch meetings with architects to help present commercial laundry design plans. An advantage of this approach is allowing staff to learn more without having to take up additional work time. In many cases, such planning sessions are a winning situation for everyone involved in the process.

A Commercial Laundry Design Consultant Can Help: Contact RJ Kool Today

RJ Kool specializes in laundry equipment and related services, including consulting to help you determine the best direction to take. If you need a laundry design consultant, contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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