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How a Commercial Laundry Design Consultant Can Help You Plan the Perfect Laundry Facility  

commercial laundry design consulting

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When you are adding a laundry facility or upgrading the one you have, you will be much happier if you talk to a commercial laundry design consultant. They can help you realize the best potential of the space you have.

A consultant can suggest certain equipment, draw up a floor plan, make sure you have all the features you need, and keep you on budget. With limited or awkward space, a laundry design consultant will be a great help.

How a Commercial Laundry Design Consultant Can Help You Plan the Perfect Laundry Facility

Regardless of the type of commercial laundry facility you have, you want to make the most of the space and your budget. The first step is to assess your needs.

You may be trying to do too much with the wrong equipment. If you are just starting out, then a commercial laundry design consultant will get you started on the right foot.


Everyone needs to worry about the costs. The price of the machines, the cost to operate them, the rate of return, and how many extra features will be. Your design consultant will direct you to the best machines for your needs.

Cost-efficient machines will go a long way to helping you realize the potential of quality machines. They cut back on how much water they use, how quickly they finish the cycle and the capacity of the machine.

Size of Equipment

There is no point in ordering a bunch of equipment that you will never even get through the door. With limited space, you can still get larger capacity machines in smaller spaces.

Stacked machines, dryers moved to a different space, or additional laundry spaces can all be considered depending on what you need. We can still make sure you get what you need, even if you have less space.

Floor plans need to be considered, as a laundromat will need chairs, tables, garbage cans, and maybe even vending machines. For people who do sit and stay with their laundry, you may want to consider other amenities, as well.

Features Needed

Deciding what features you need and the ones you don’t will move you forward quickly. Do you need payment options for the machines or are you fitting out a hotel?

With advancements in technology, there are likely features that you have no idea even exist. Especially if you are still using an antiquated laundry system for your commercial business.

A busy laundromat needs machines that people can use with settings for many different types of clothing. A busy hotel needs machines that can be programmed to run when the hotel is not using as much energy.


Once again, this is going to be important. Your commercial laundry design consultant needs to understand who will be operating the systems. If it’s a hotel setting, then the machines need to be able to be programmed and used by people of all walks of life.

If you have people who are not fluent in English, then the machines need to be easy to understand and easy to operate. You don’t want slow-downs because your laundry crew can’t understand how to run the machines.

Commercial Laundry Design Consultant

Trying to organize a new commercial laundry facility can be a lot of work and worry. A professional design consultant can help make the most out of the space you have available.

Please contact us here at RJ Kool for more information or to get advice on designing your new laundry facility.

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