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How to Upgrade Equipment for Your Coin-Op Without Breaking the Bank

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Technology is improving all machines and that includes your equipment for your coin-op laundry. If it is a laundromat or a laundry room in an apartment or condo complex, operations are being made easier.

From more energy-efficient machines to changing to card payment machines, you can easily bring your coin-op equipment up to date without going broke. There may be a lot of competition, even for those in apartment buildings, so make things more convenient for your customers or tenants.

Upgrading Your Coin-op Laundry Facilities

You want to keep your laundry facilities clean, convenient, and appealing, especially when it is a for-profit situation.

Upgrade Technology

Technology advancements mean better service, better running machines, more control, and more savings. The more convenience offered, the happier your clientele will be.

Machines that can be programmed, controlled by an app, offer cost-saving options, and more options for you, the owner are the machines that will be most popular.

Technology allows you to get reports on revenue, on when the last maintenance check happened, if there are potential problems, and even auto-shut-off if there are issues that will damage the machines.

Control over temperature, longer or shorter cycles, the strength of the cycles, adding softener or bleach, water level, and other options are great for you and the customer.

Various Payment Methods

If you can offer several methods of payment, you can increase your customer base by a lot. Certain machines can offer all types of credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, app payments, and all the while offering the coin option, as well.

People don’t often carry cash, let alone small bits of change unless they will specifically need it for something. But most of those conveniences, like laundromats, parking meters, and vending machines all offer various payment methods for convenience.

You don’t want to lose customers or even have your tenants go elsewhere because even hauling their laundry someplace else is better than what you are offering.

A no-cash system for all the equipment in your laundry facilities is also much safer. Cash-operated machines, including soap dispensers and change-makers are all targets for damage and theft.

This can make people feel vulnerable and unsafe. If there are options, including coins, thieves may assume that there isn’t enough change in the machine to risk the damage and getting caught.


Free wi-fi, televisions, nice tables and chairs, vending machines for drinks and snacks, plus a nice, warm, inviting decor can make people feel better about entering your premises.

Games or items for kids to be entertained, a restroom for people to use, and keeping it all clean and functioning will make a big difference. People in apartment complexes don’t often remain in the laundry room, but people in laundromats do.

You don’t have to spend a lot to make the space inviting and warm. People need to feel safe, they need convenience, and they need options. There could be a much nicer laundromat just down the block.

Equipment for Your Coin-Op Laundry Facilities

Ultimately, you need to offer your customer what they want and what they need to make their laundry experience as pleasant as possible. It’s a job we all have to do, but rarely enjoy.

RJ Kool’s washers contain numerous exclusive features that work seamlessly with coin, card, and other payment technology, offering unparalleled performance in all self-serve laundry environments.

Our coin-operated washers and dryers deliver optimal programmability, durability, efficiency, and ease of use. For laundries with limited space, RJ Kool offers coin-operated stack washer dryers that provide a full laundry solution in a smaller footprint.

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