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Importance of Safety and Sanitation in Healthcare Laundry Facilities

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Healthcare laundry facilities have a duty to keep their patients safe. When you have a lot of sick people in a facility, it is vital that everything is sanitized to prevent spreading more germs and viruses. Sanitation is vital for all the residents, patients, and the staff. The equipment you use for laundry services plays an enormous part in helping to keep everyone safe and getting laundry as clean and sanitized as possible.

Safety and Sanitation in Healthcare Laundry Facilities

The importance of safety and sanitation of laundry that is used in healthcare facilities is vital. Everyone who comes in contact with these items is at risk of getting sick if they are not properly cleaned.

Sheets, towels, aprons, uniforms, and every other item that goes through the laundry system has the potential to be contaminated. From the people who remove the items, the people who launder them, the people who use them.

With a healthcare facility handling so many different people, each with their own issue, the biggest risk is passing these infections or diseases to people who are already sick.

If the laundry isn’t properly sanitized, there are far too many people at risk of getting sick, not just the patients, but the staff who work in every area of the facility.

It’s not just the handling of these items that are important but the type of laundry equipment that is used will also play a major role in making sure everything is cleaned properly.

High-performing commercial laundry equipment is needed for keeping medical staff and patients safe when they are staying or visiting a medical facility, clinic, long-term care facility, or hospital.

Commercial Laundry for Healthcare Facilities

The right equipment will make sure the items are sanitized but also can help the personnel to complete the work fast and efficiently. The faster the soiled items can be removed, separated, and laundered, the less chance there is of pissing on any germs or infection.

As each type of laundry item will have its own requirements, you are going to want machines that are programmable. They should also be easy to operate, run and be extremely durable.

When laundry is outsourced, you have no idea what is happening to these items. You also run the risk of not having the items when you need them. With the right commercial laundry equipment in your healthcare facility, you can run the machines around the clock.

Having your own laundry service also means you can cut back on the types of disposable items you may use, like gowns or sheets that are used once and thrown away. With laundry onsite, you can use cloth garments and launder them after each use.

Today’s equipment is better at conserving water and energy, even when the laundry is cleaned at high temperatures. The machines for healthcare facilities have methods of injecting sanitation liquids and softeners during the cycle so there is no interruption.

Healthcare Facilities and Laundry

When people are in the hospital, visiting a clinic, or seeing their doctor, they are not thinking about laundry. Nor should they be. No one expects to get sick from laundry that wasn’t sanitized.

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