RJ Kool specializes in planning laundry room operations for multi-housing facilities, including apartment complexes, condominiums, retirement communities and college dormitories.

Multi-Housing Commercial Laundry Equipment

RJ Kool provides assistance with machine selection, installation planning, renovation assistance, space efficiency planning and cost efficiency advice.

RJ Kool’s complete line of energy efficient washers increases profitability by delivering superior cleaning while using less water per cycle. We also offer high-quality Maytag dryers designed to maximize equipment investment and potentially double income. Our multi-housing product line also includes stack washer/dryers that reduce annual energy, water and sewer costs by 60%.

RJ Kool offers the following multi-housing commercial laundry equipment:


RJ Kool’s multi-housing products come with innovative technology, including Maytag Connect 360, which allows facility owners to manage multiple aspects of their business from a single web portal, including remote diagnosis and end-user alerts. Additionally, DexterLive allows users to manage their business remotely from a smart phone, giving them the ability to start, reboot, or remove any machine from service. This technology gives laundry room operators life-changing freedom to manage their multi-family laundry room operations from anywhere at anytime.


RJ Kool offers a low-maintenance, optimal solution for multi-housing facilities to provide residents with the latest and greatest in commercial multi-housing laundry equipment – all with no cash investment required.

RJ Kool not only installs brand new coin or card operated washers but our team oversees collections, returning a significant portion of the revenue back to the facility.

RJ Kool’s experienced sales staff can help you determine a rental plan to increase cash flow, increase resident satisfaction and decrease worries about maintenance, service and parts expense.

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