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Providing Washers and Dryers in Individual Apartments is Affordable and Profitable

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As a landlord or building manager, are you considering putting in washers and dryers in individual apartments? It can be a great benefit to you and your tenants.

Providing laundry facilities at all is a great bonus for landlords, but in-house machines can have even a bigger appeal. This can mean more profit for you at an affordable price.

Washers and Dryers in Individual Apartments

If your building has a community laundry room or does not provide washers and dryers for the tenants at all, it’s definitely time to consider doing so. The benefits for you and the tenants are multiple.

Better Return on Rent

Providing washers and dryers in individual apartments will allow you to charge a premium rent. The convenience for the tenant is a great selling point. They will not be worried about the higher rent.

Better for Business

When you use a laundry service provider for all your machines, they take care of them for you. If your tenants have a problem with the machines in their apartment, we come in to fix it.

As a landlord or building manager, you don’t need to worry about the cost of repairs or replacement. Your equipment provider will handle all of that for you.

You can let your tenant know that the machines are going to be cared for and maintained by a professional service. They will know that they don’t have to worry about the machines breaking down.

Convenience for Tenant

It is a great convenience for the tenants. They don’t have to worry about finding the time during their day to go to the community laundry room, or worse, to an off-site facility.

Oftentimes, it’s hard to find enough machines available or they have to do their laundry in shifts. People don’t like to leave their laundry in a community facility in case things go missing.

Plus, they don’t need to worry about having the proper change or charging up their payment cards. They pay for the machines in their rent, and the rest is a convenience for them.


Your tenants will enjoy the privacy and convenience of washing their clothes whenever they feel like it. They don’t have to worry about the laundry facilities being busy,

Plus, when tenants have washers and dryers in their individual apartments, they don’t have to worry about what they wear while doing their laundry. A communal laundry means people are often wearing ‘laundry clothes’ and it can make people uncomfortable.

Laundry is a personal thing so giving your tenants the opportunity to do their laundry in the privacy of their own apartment is a big selling point. Washing our clothes is a task we all have to do, so why not make it as convenient and personal as possible.

More Room

By moving all the washers and dryers to individual apartments, you free up a great deal of room. This can be used as a community room, a place for storage lockers, or a room that people can rent out for parties or events.

The extra space can mean extra income. Locker rentals, leasing the room for a party, movie night, or other group activities where you can charge a small fee. The tenants will come if they want and enjoy themselves without balking at the cover fee for a dance or a movie.

Washers and Dryers in Individual Apartments

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