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Qualities of a Reputable Commercial Laundry Machine Technician

commercial laundry machine technician

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How do you know you have the right commercial laundry machine technician working on your equipment when something breaks?

RJ Kool has been involved with laundry machine repair for a long time, which is only possible when you offer exceptional service. We believe commercial customers have the right to know the difference between a trained and effective mechanic and one who takes shortcuts. Therefore, here are some of the positive qualities of reputable technicians, along with certain red flags that should lead you to find someone else.

Top Qualities of a Reputable Commercial Laundry Machine Technician

  1. They explain problems and allow you to ask questions.
  2. They’ll show you how to perform basic upkeep tasks and preventative maintenance.
  3. The technician will arrive on time for appointments.
  4. If your washer or dryer is still under warranty, they’ll honor those terms rather than charge you inappropriately.
  5. They work for a reputable service company, one you can find online with plenty of positive consumer reviews and recommendations.
  6. They’ve received factory training and certification on a variety of washer/dryer brands such as Maytag, Unimac, and Wascomat.
  7. The technician has plenty of experience and demonstrates legitimate mechanical aptitude.

Signs of an Inferior Technician

Alas, not all laundry machine repairmen are competent or trustworthy. Here are the negative traits of technicians you should avoid.

  • They work for a company that refuses to honor warranty commitments.
  • When you ask to see proof of competence, they won’t show you any licensing or certification.
  • They’re more of a “handyman” who doesn’t have much dedicated experience working on laundry machines.
  • You notice they arrive late, don’t dress professionally, don’t greet you properly, or make eye contact when speaking.

Don’t Forget These Crucial Ways to Maintain Your Machines

Finally, you should only hire a technician for inspections or whenever there’s an actual problem. Commercial machines are pretty user friendly, nowadays, which means you should be able to handle simple upkeep tasks.

As a reminder, however, here is some advice on how to extend your laundry equipment’s lifespan:

  • Keep your machines clean and properly maintained. This means sanitizing your washers every so often with vinegar and hot cycle rinses. Likewise, it’s important to keep your dryer vents and lint collectors clean and free of obstructions.
  • Always use your machines according to the proper settings, according to factory guidelines.
  • Make sure your equipment rests on a steady surface in a room with plenty of ventilation.
  • When something breaks, resist the urge to buy cheap replacement parts. This could compromise performance and longevity, and force you into a vicious cycle of constantly replacing the same components.
  • Consider getting energy-efficient equipment to help save water and lower your business’ utility costs.
  • Use the correct detergent volume to avoid issues like soap suds.
  • Encourage users to avoid overfilling or under-filling machines with clothes. The former will strain various washer/dryer components, whereas the latter is less efficient and deteriorates machines prematurely.

Hire an Outstanding Commercial Laundry Machine Technician from RJ Kool

RJ Kool has enjoyed over 50 years in business serving commercial laundry clients of all stripes. Do you run a hotel, gym, hospital, or university dorm, and need reliable equipment? Then we’re at your service with over half a dozen brand-name washers and dryers, designed to handle heavy-duty loads all the time.

We’re the most reputable supplier and repair business for laundry equipment in the Midwest. When you need prompt service, our guys will arrive on time, diagnose the problem, fix it, and show you ways to prevent reoccurrence.

Contact us soon to hire a reputable commercial laundry machine technician in Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha, Springfield, or Tulsa.

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