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Questions to Ask a Prospective Commercial Laundry Solution Provider

questions ask prospective commercial laundry solution provider

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When buying new or used commercial laundry equipment for the first time or to replace existing machines, do you know what you want? You may think so, but you may be surprised when you ask your commercial laundry provider.

Older equipment will be sorely outdated, and new equipment can all be programmed to cover more actions. There are plenty of questions you will have, but are you asking the right ones?

Questions to Ask Before Buying Commercial Laundry Equipment

You never want to just buy the first machines offered to you from the first dealership or vendor. You need to do your homework to make sure you get the equipment best suited for your business.

1. Price

Price is so much more than an easy, ‘how much?’ The cheapest machines are not always the deal they may appear to be. The most expensive is usually just that. Expensive.

You need to ask your commercial laundry provider what you are getting for the price you are paying. Once you understand the overall cost, you can work out how much they will also cost to operate each month.

  • Does it include installation?
  • Are they energy-efficient?
  • Do you carry similar brands?
  • What is included, like repairs and service calls
  • Is leasing a possibility?
  • Can I get these used?

More expensive machines should perform better, last longer, and have more features than your less expensive models.

Also, while talking about the cost, ask about payment plans, if any. Are you expected to come up with the entire payment upfront? Are there leasing options, and what, if any, is their minimum down payment?

2. Warranty

Of course, you have to ask about a warranty. It should be right front and center when talking about the equipment, but if your dealer doesn’t bring it up, there may be a reason for that.

Ask your commercial laundry provider about the warranty that comes with the machines, what it entails, the time you have on it, and read it over for any loopholes they may have added. There should be a clause about repairs, service calls, replacement parts, time limits.

3. How Long Will They Last?

Brand name manufacturers will stand behind their machines. They will often include that in their warranty. Ask what they claim is the duration or expected life span.

You don’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment that is only promised to last a few years. But, some less-than-popular brands may only guarantee their machines to last five years, but your dealer will never volunteer that information.

4. Parts and Service

Here is another area you need to ask about. Are parts easy to get or will they need to wait for a bit to be sent from Timbuktu? Do they cover wear and tear on parts of the machines, and if so, how long?

Do they offer service calls, emergency calls, or calls after hours? Are you expected to pay someone else to come out on a call and fix their machines? Do they have trained and experienced technicians to help get your machines running again?

Ask about replacement machines if one of yours dies and needs to be fixed off-site or replaced. Do they have loaners, rentals, or will you be short one machine?

5. Are These The Right Machines for Me?

To someone without a lot of experience, the machines may seem very much alike. But they are not. Once you explain what your business is, your vendor should show the machines that will best suit your needs.

A small salon may do two loads of towels or smaller items every day. But a hospital or hotel will need much bigger and different equipment to meet their demands on laundry.

Talk to The Experts

Trust the people who sell and service all the top brand names in commercial laundry equipment. They can help you find the perfect machines that will suit your business best. Making the wrong decision can be very costly.

Call RJ Kool today, and take the guesswork out of trying to find the best deal for the best equipment. From service and maintenance to parts and supplies, RJ Kool is your partner for stress-free commercial laundry and cleaning equipment, and washing system management.

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