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Routine Maintenance Tips For Your Multi-Family Laundry Machine

multi-family laundry machine

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ould you like a few pro tips on how to perform basic maintenance on any multi-family laundry machine?

The good news is that maintaining machines, at least the basic parts, isn’t that difficult, if you know how to clean and troubleshoot simple mechanisms. We’ll show you how to do that, and when to call for help if you encounter a bigger problem with any new commercial equipment.

Fixing a Multi-Family Laundry Machine: Look for These Common Issues

  1. No Spin Cycle
    • Your first step, when you have this problem, is to ensure that folks aren’t cramming too many clothes into the washer. That has a way of bringing the wash cycle to a grinding halt. Granted, you may also experience this issue if there’s something tripping the sensor on the lid, which is what regulates how the washer operates.
  2. Water Overflowing (Won’t Stop)
    • You could flood your laundry room or facility if the washer’s water doesn’t stop running. This normally results from a broken or disconnected overflow switch. If you can’t fix it yourself, it could be time to spring for new parts.
  3. No Water
    • What if there’s no water when you run the washing machine? There may be a kink or leak in the hose, which will either cause a mess at the faucet or stop running altogether. Check on every possibility, and if something’s punctured, just replace the hose.

Other Problems (and Solutions)

You may also encounter other problems with your multi-family machines. Sometimes dryers won’t dry because of a bad heating element. You may also struggle with washer drainage, which is usually because of a clog.

If you cannot address these issues on your own, or your newer model has electrical problems, then you should contact one of our servicemen for assistance. We have plenty of skilled technicians who can investigate the problem, apply solutions, or help you replace anything unsalvageable.

Routine Habits to Extend the Life of Your Multi-Family Laundry Machine

We know you want to get the best ROI out of your multi-family laundry equipment. That’s why it’s prudent to take active measures to prevent deterioration. We’ve already discussed some common problems that may arise, but there are other proactive ways to extend your laundry equipment’s lifespan rather than buying new machines all the time.

  • Ensure Folks Use Them Properly
    • That problem with over-stuffing the machines really is the top contributor to prematurely aging equipment. Therefore, it’s crucial that you get your staff, residents, clients, or customers to operate machines at an acceptable volume, and never pour too much cleaning solution into them, either.
  • Clean Machines – Inside and Out
    • Remember to clean your machines periodically. There are plenty of ways to do so, but it typically involves running clean cycles and wiping down the interior components, especially around the washer lid.
  • Maintain Sanitary Conditions Throughout the Laundry Room
    • When the laundry room stays clean, so do the machines. That’s important advice for laundry facilities of any shape or size.
  • Get an Inspection with RJ Kool
    • We’re glad to offer our inspection or repair services if you run into a jam and can’t fix something.

Call RJ Kool for Help Anytime

RJ Kool is at your service with our team of top-notch service techs and design consultants. Whether you want to start a laundry room from scratch, or just learn how to take care of the machines you have, we’re the Midwest region’s best.

You can find us in many major metros like Kansas City, St. Louis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Tulsa. We provide commercial laundry help for multi-family laundromats, universities, coin-op shops, car wash businesses, hotels, and more.

Contact us anytime to obtain the services of an expert technician who can resolve anything malfunctioning on any brand of multi-family laundry machine.

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