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Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Car Wash Laundry Equipment

car wash laundry equipment

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Car wash laundry equipment is essential to effective operation in businesses that emphasize any type of sanitation control. They use several towels over the course of just a single business day, making it important to have sturdy laundry machines.

How do you know your current commercial equipment is up to the task? Find out why it may be time to upgrade to something stronger and more reliable.

Commons Signs It’s Time to Update Your Car Wash Laundry Equipment

In our previous post on the signs you need to consider upgrading your healthcare laundry equipment, we mentioned several items that apply for many other commercial businesses. These are some of the fundamental problems you shouldn’t ignore.

  • Your machines are extremely inefficient, which is causing major delays in getting clean towels and other items back in a timely manner.
  • The machines seem to break all the time. You’ve even had to call for a technician multiple times to get them operating at all.
  • None of your current equipment has any of the modern technology that other companies are using. This puts you at a disadvantage if you can’t get your supplies efficiently clean.
  • You’re paying a fortune in utilities, and it’s not coming from the car wash operation alone. Newer washers and dryers operate on less water and electricity. They also require the use of less detergent and chemicals to achieve optimal results.

Should You Try Pre-Owned Laundry Equipment?

Many of our clients ask us about the viability of purchasing pre-owned laundry equipment when they need to replace obsolete machines.

This approach works for some folks, but you should do your homework before making a selection. We don’t recommend going through individual sellers for washing machines because it’s hard to verify whether you’re getting something that works. Plus, individual sellers rarely have the right equipment for commercial businesses.

RJ Kool has a limited selection of used commercial equipment, but it’s not the primary thing we do. If you decide to go this route, you should always get a representative to verify that the used machines are in working order before purchasing them.

What are the Best Replacement Options?

Fortunately, you have plenty of replacement options available if you decide to upgrade the laundry equipment for your car wash. We sell several effective brands that are specifically designed to handle the demands of a busy car wash.

One of our top car-wash laundry machines is a UniMac model, the UM202, capable of extreme g-forces for rapid cleaning. This produces such a robust and effective wash that you don’t even have to dry the contents afterward. It’s the perfect one-stop solution for car washes that go through supplies constantly and need the fastest possible turnaround time from laundry service.

Everything we offer comes from a heavy-duty stainless steel framework with the potential to last a long time with plenty of warranty coverage. Plus, everything is user-friendly, so even part-time highschool students can toss towels in there and clean them in no time.

Upgrade Your Car Wash Laundry Equipment with RJ Kool

RJ Kool can help your car wash business get back on track with clean gear and fewer machine hassles. In fact, we do this for all kinds of businesses. Whether you run a car wash, hotel, hospital, athletic facility, university residence, fire department, or prison, we provide fantastic laundry support.

Also, if anything happens to your laundry machines, requiring maintenance, then you can rely on our team of technicians to troubleshoot and resolve problems. We’ve been in business over 50 years, so there’s no such thing as a commercial washer or dryer brands we haven’t encountered.

Contact RJ Kool anytime to explore all your options for modern car wash laundry equipment.

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