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The Use of Ozone for Commercial Laundry Explained

The Use of Ozone for Commercial Laundry

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We hear about ozone in the environment but what is ozone for commercial laundry? But it is actually a great sanitizing agent. It occurs naturally during lightning storms and acts to purify the atmosphere.

It is also used to purify bottled water and water treatment plants use ozone for cleaning the water supply instead of chlorine. Ozone is actually oxygen with an extra boost.

The Use of Ozone for Commercial Laundry Explained

Ozone has the ability to kill bacteria faster than other agents we used to use, like chlorine. So, when it is used in laundry, it can start to break down the dirt right away.

It works best in cold water. That’s because hot water will stop it from functioning the way it should. In cold water, the ozone starts to activate the naturally occurring chemicals right away.

The biggest benefit of using ozone for commercial laundry is that it kills dangerous bacteria and viruses. This is vital for hospitals, gyms, correction facilities, hotels, and other public spaces that share linens.

This is also very important during a world pandemic. It gives you the added ability to assure your customers that they are getting the cleanest laundry possible, with the extra germ-killing component.

Save Your Fabrics

Chlorine bleach, which has been used for years, is also hard on your fabrics. It can break down the fabrics and the clothes or items don’t last as long as they should.

If you need to sanitize sheets, towels, etc. for use every day, then you need to know they are getting as clean as possible on the first wash. Without the use of harsh chemicals, these linens will last much longer.

Shorter Wash Cycles

A Wash cycle without ozone for commercial laundry would require a pre-soak or wash cycle with bleach. Plus, because it is imperative to get these chemicals out, there would have to be several refills on the machine to rinse everything thoroughly.

With ozonated water, the cycle is much shorter. Because every time the tub fills, it’s with ozonated water and that means less time is needed for rinsing and washing altogether.

Saves Energy

The ozone absorbs into the fabrics of all the items being washed. It helps to release the water faster when it is in the final spin cycle, dryer and ironing.

That cuts way back on the energy needed to complete each cycle. That means the wash cycle and the dry cycle take less time, thus using less energy. You can use less hot water as the ozonated water works best in the cold. No need to use hot water and pay to heat it.

Environmentally Friendlier

Less water is needed, less drying time is needed, fewer chemicals are needed, and that adds up to less energy used. That’s a plus for the environment, not only during the cycles but also the chemicals leaving the premises.

It means there is less chance of chemical residue left on the items from the laundry. Bleach and other chemicals can cause a reaction with some people, trigger allergies, or cause skin irritations.

Ozone for Commercial Laundry

The easier and better your business can complete its laundry tasks, the happier your customers will be. Better service with fewer chemicals, energy, and waste is a win-win for everyone.

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