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Tips for Purchasing Laundry Equipment for Car Washes

Laundry Equipment for Car Washes

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Laundry equipment for car washes is different from the equipment used in most commercial settings. Car washes use chemicals that are different from those used anywhere else, making the washing process somewhat different.

Any setting involving cars will involve oil, gas, and grease, all of which require washing and drying separately from other items. Uniforms are worn by your staff, as well as the cleaning cloths, all require regular care for proper sanitation.

Technology has helped make it easier to program washing equipment for optimal results. Read on to learn about some helpful things to keep in mind when buying your car wash’s laundry equipment.

Select Equipment for User-Friendliness

In most cases, your regular car wash staff will be the ones using the equipment the most. Ideally, the equipment should be as relatively simple as possible. Keeping up with the daily demands of a car wash is quite enough without using laundry equipment that’s difficult to use.

If you have machines that are easy for everyone to use, this is the best arrangement all around. Most newer machines are easy to set, allowing your employees to put the loads in and go about their business. When employees can easily start a load after being shown once, they’ll be able to work more efficiently.

Laundry Equipment for Car Washes That is Programmable is Best

Laundry equipment for car washes that is programmable is often the best solution by far. If you can set your machines to run during non-busy or overnight hours, you’ll save a lot of time. Another advantage is having clean uniforms and towels or cleaning clothes ready before each shift.

Another advantage of being able to program your machines, even remotely, is spending less time showing everyone how to change the settings. If you have a time when your employees are busier than usual, you won’t have to think as much about employees spending extra time on laundry in addition to serving customers.

Choose Equipment That Saves Resources and is Efficient

Washing equipment uses a lot of water and electricity, even if only used during part of the day. Smart machines can help save resources with a few key features:

  • Pre-soaks to cut down on cycle time
  • Sensors to check necessary water levels
  • Sensors that determine the fabric type

Efficiency makes a difference because most car washes move cars fairly quickly. Your machines also need to remove soap and other chemicals very efficiently. The right balance of getting the job done quickly and getting it done right matters.

Laundry Equipment for Car Washes: Why Buying Only Commercial Equipment Matters

Some car wash owners are tempted to use the same types of machines used in homes for their laundry needs in the interest of saving money. However, this is a serious mistake that is best avoided. Car wash items require special washing methods, and more daily loads are usually necessary than a household-style machine could handle.

Commercial equipment is also able to handle grease and similar substances much more easily. The linens that your facility uses will look much fresher and cleaner. If you buy the best equipment for the job, things will go more smoothly.

How Should You Find the Right Equipment for Your Business?

Because car washes have specific laundry needs, you will benefit from buying only commercial-grade equipment. After all, laundry equipment that takes more time to use cuts into your company’s profits.

RJ Kool offers the equipment that you need, and we are very aware of the unique challenges that car washes face with laundry. If you’re interested in purchasing laundry equipment for car washes, contact us today to discuss your needs.

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