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Tips When Purchasing Laundry Equipment For Universities and Colleges

laundry equipment for universities

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What should you know before buying laundry equipment for universities and colleges?

College students can really chew through some laundry. So, you’ll need something substantial to endure a massive volume of washing and drying. We’ll show you which brands we like best for university facilities and offer our services as a reliable supplier and repair service.

Laundry Equipment for Universities: Choose a Reliable Brand

RJ Kool supplies laundry equipment for multiple manufacturers to business customers in places like St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield. If you’re going to get new equipment for a university dorm or athletic center, we recommend sticking with proven products.

Here are a few of our favorite brands you should consider:

  1. UniMac
    • This is our top choice for a variety of reasons. These formidable machines use lots of power (400-g force level) to get the job done thoroughly and much faster than traditional washers. Some of their washers offer 48 cycle options, making them optimal for eco-efficient cleaning.
  2. Aquawing
    • Aquawing specializes in ozone cleaning, a novel technique that relies less on cleaning agents and high heat, but more on low-temperature O3 gas to accomplish any laundry task. These machines aren’t cheap, but they are a worthy investment for prestigious universities.
  3. Maytag
    • Maytag has been around a while, has a very recognizable name, and manufactures plenty of heavy-duty models. They’re also a more affordable option if you need to buy washing equipment in bulk.
  4. Milnor
    • Pellerin Milnor is another terrific way to enjoy durable equipment without breaking the bank. Their T-Series washer-extractors are low-labor intensive and solid for energy efficiency.

RJ Kool Can Help Consult & Offer Suggestions

We not only sell equipment, but can also assist with design consulting and maintenance. That means we can troubleshoot broken machines, help you explore new options, and even design a new laundry room for you.

Our team of technicians have plenty of credentials and experience to help you through any laundry hurdle you’re facing as a university. This includes every serious consideration such as equipment sizing, planning, utility schedules, and we enjoy showing clients all the important equipment specifications.

How to Extend the Life of Your Machines

Once you have solid equipment, the next step is to preserve it, which can be a tall order amid lots of college students. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to extend the life of your commercial washers and dryers in working order for several years without having to call for help all the time.

  • Make sure college students use it appropriately.
    • For many young residents, this could be the first time they’ve used a washer/dryer on their own. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to have a few signs posted on the do’s and don’ts for machine handling. This is critical to avoiding overfilling or other abusive practices.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for water and temperature settings.
  • Contact RJ Kool if you need reliable replacement parts.
  • Keep all laundry equipment on a level surface, and avoid operating them in heavily humid areas, which are conducive to mildew overgrowth.
  • Make sure the premises remain clean. If the rest of the laundry room is filthy, then chances are the machines are as well.

Explore Laundry Equipment for Universities with RJ Kool

If you still have questions on what to do with your university’s laundry situation, then RJ Kool is here to assist. We’ve served commercial clients like hospitals, hotels, gyms, car washes, and multiple colleges for a while now. There’s no volume of laundry demand or sophistication we haven’t encountered already, so you can depend on us for expert guidance.

Contact RJ Kool anytime to learn all about the latest and greatest laundry equipment for universities and colleges.

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