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Tired of Out of Order Signs? Invest in New Commercial Laundry Equipment

Tired of Out of Order Signs Invest in New Commercial Laundry Equipment

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If your laundry business is struggling with aging machines and too many out-of-order signs, then it may be time for you to invest in new commercial laundry equipment. Having to cycle out old or broken down washing and drying machines may feel daunting, but know that the investment of new equipment will pay off, especially if you commit to regular maintenance.

At RJ Kool, we take pride in offering high-quality, reliable, and highly efficient new commercial laundry equipment to our Midwest clients. As experts in the commercial laundry industry, we have put together this guide to why you should invest in new equipment.

Why Purchase New Commerical Laundry Equipment?

In this article, we’ll be discussing the importance of new commercial laundry equipment for the success of your business, health and safety, and customer satisfaction.

When your commercial laundry equipment no longer operates correctly, your business can suffer from loss of clientele to loss of operating hours. Jump ahead of this scenario by investing in new equipment.

Whether you’re in the laundromat business, own an apartment complex, or are in the healthcare industry with onsite laundry equipment, investing in new commercial laundry equipment will help your operation run smoother and result in higher customer satisfaction. Continue reading to learn more about why investing in new equipment is a wise decision.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

If your customers show up to your laundromat and find an increasing amount of out-of-order signs on your laundry equipment and increased wait times to access the working machines, they may become frustrated enough to go to a different laundromat, even if the location is more out of their way or more expensive.

Tenants of apartment complexes can also become rightfully frustrated by a lack of working laundry machines on the premises, especially if onsite laundry may have been a particular draw to renting at the complex.

Prevent a loss of your customer base or decreased customer or tenant satisfaction by investing in new equipment that with proper maintenance, will last your business ten years or longer. By investing in new equipment, you are showing your customers that you care about their patronage, time, and satisfaction with your business.

Better Health and Safety Practices

While poorly functioning or out-of-order laundry equipment is frustrating for both staff and customers and can result in loss of customer base particularly in laundromat businesses, in other industries, such as healthcare and hospitality industries, properly functioning laundry equipment is crucial to maintaining a clean, safe environment.

Maintaining a good reputation in the healthcare and hospitality industry is dependent upon the high quality of cleanliness standards that protect the health and safety of staff and customers.

Invest in Your Business’s Success

Whether your business operates a washing and drying laundry service or offers healthcare or hospitality and depends upon clean products, ensuring your business has properly functioning commercial laundry equipment is part of ensuring success. The smoothness of your operation, the satisfaction of your customers, and the health and safety of your facility depend on this.

Contact the Commerical Laundry Equipment Pros Today

At RJ Kool, we understand the importance of having a smoothly running, accessible, efficient commercial laundry system. By investing in new equipment, you’ll be investing in the success of your business, cleanliness of your facility, and satisfaction of your customer base.

If your business operates in the Midwest, and your laundry machines are constantly breaking down or nearing the end of their service lives, we recommend that you contact our pros at RJ Kool so we can help you invest in high-quality, dependable new commercial laundry equipment.

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