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Top 6 Considerations Before Purchasing Equipment for Your Laundromat

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If you have never shopped for equipment for your laundromat before, it can be quite daunting. There are a lot of options for you and many different types of machines available.

The equipment for a laundromat is going to be expensive, so you need to do your homework before you make any decisions. The first decision you make should be to talk to a dealer.

6 Tips for Buying Equipment for Your Laundromat

You are going to be overwhelmed when it comes to laundromat equipment, so make sure you talk to someone who knows their machines.

1. How Many Machines

Much of this decision will be made for you, simply based on the size of the facility and your budget. If you don’t have a lot of room, consider getting stacked machines, to save space.

You also need to get tables, trash cans, a sink, chairs, vending machines for soap, snacks, etc, and maybe more so you can’t just fill the room with washers and dryers.

2. Coin or Card Operated

Both options come with pros and cons. The coin-operated machines are convenient, but you will likely have to provide a change machine, as well. These can both be a security risk, as they are bound to attract thieves.

The machines can get damaged by people trying to break in to steal the money. The card-operated machines offer convenience for your customers, but the card reader can be very expensive to install.

3. Top Load Washers

Top-loading washers are the most popular and are lower in price when purchasing. They provide a fast wash and rinse cycle and can be opened during the cycles to add or remove items.

But they use more water than a front-loading machine and there is often a lot of water still in the clothes after the final spin cycle, which means the clothes will take longer to dry.

4. Front Load Washers

Front-loading washers have a bigger capacity than top-loading machines. They are also more energy-efficient, as they use less water. They are also stackable and can come with extra-large drums for bigger loads.

They don’t have the center agitator so they are not as hard on the clothing as the other types, but they do cost more upfront and take longer to complete their cycle.

5. Energy Efficient

Equipment in a laundromat will be getting a lot of use. If they are energy-efficient, it saves a lot on your operational costs. The machines work perfectly well but don’t use as much energy.

Cutting your energy bill and your carbon footprint is important in any industry. Equipment for a laundromat needs to be durable, be able to handle a lot, and still be gentle on the planet and your energy use.

6. Easy to Use

Technology advancements have reached the washer and dryers we use. These machines can be programmed and set to suit each load. Half loads, water temperature, water level, and more.

The buttons, switches, and settings should be easy to use and easy to read and understand. For equipment in a laundromat, they will be used by all kinds of people, so it needs to be easy and straightforward.

Equipment for Laundromats

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