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Why Unimac Equipment is a Great Choice for On-Premise Laundry Facilities

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If you need new equipment for your on-premise laundry facility, you are going to be facing a lot of choices. These types of machines get used a lot, often by many different users, so they need to be built to last.

Purchasing these machines is an investment, whether it is for a medical facility, apartment complex, or the hospitality industry. You need machines that will last and perform.

Why Unimac Equipment is a Great Choice for On-Premise Laundry Facilities

While there are plenty of great brand-name appliances for you to choose from, there are some that stand out in many ways. Unimac is certainly a leader in the on-premise laundry facilities provider.

Energy Efficiency

Anyone who has an on-premise laundry facility knows that having these machines in constant operation can really take a bite out of your energy costs. Unimac’s equipment is constantly evolving to make sure they are as energy-efficient as it can be.

Operation costs can be a heart part of any budget, so whenever you can cut those costs, it’s a smart investment. There will always be less expensive machines, but the costs in saving and the quality you get more than cover those initial price tags.

Easy To Operate

Fewer complications in running these machines mean fewer problems with the equipment. Unimac’s advanced technology can not only help to eliminate breakdowns and other functioning problems, they can also report potential issues before they become bigger.

Easy operation is vial in an on-premise laundry facility where there are going to be multiple people using the machines. Straightforward instructions, simple actions, and very little interaction with the machines make it easy for everyone to use.

Advanced Technology

Unimac machines are always advancing their technology to ensure you get the best results. This means the equipment is easier to operate, is programmable so you can operate it even when you are not there, and is always keeping your carbon footprint in check.

Better technology also means the machines are going to work better, longer, and more efficiently. Keeping your machines running and your operational costs down makes for a great investment.


Unimac laundry equipment is built to last. They are built of solid materials, able to withstand multiple uses each and every day, and deliver the results you expect each and every time.

Paying for quality equipment will ensure you have these machines in operation for many years to come. Paying for cheaper machines will actually cost you more in repairs and ultimately, repairs.

Customer Service

You can get behind your Unimac equipment because they do. They offer excellent support and customer service to all customers. From financing to on-site training, and safety tips to parts and service, you simply won’t find a better on-premise laundry facility equipment provider.

Customer service is just as important as the equipment you invest in. You want to feel like your business matters from the very first point of contact. That is something that customers need to know they are going to get great service.

Quality On-Premise Laundry Facilities

We are a Unimac distributor. RJ Kool has extensive experience assisting commercial facilities including hotels, health care facilities, commercial laundries, fire departments, correctional facilities, car washes, and athletic clubs, maximize their on-premise laundry space, and reduce costs.

We offer a full line of on-premise laundry equipment, including dryers, heated rollers, stack washers/dryers, and washers that are constructed from the highest quality materials and designed with profitability, efficiency, and productivity in mind. Plus, our on-premise commercial laundry equipment offers energy-saving features that reduce utility costs.

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