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What are the Best Commercial Dry Cleaning Brands?

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Choosing the right commercial dry cleaning brands is a critical step for businesses aiming for operational efficiency, sustainability, and top-notch service quality. This blog post explores the leading names in the industry, such as Unipress and Fulton, highlighting their contributions to simplifying dry cleaning operations with their state-of-the-art equipment. From the ease of equipment management to the importance of multi-solvent machines and the accessibility of parts, we cover essential factors that make these brands stand out.

Popular Brands: Unipress and Fulton

Unipress has been a cornerstone in the dry cleaning equipment industry for a significant period. Their reputation is well-earned, as they consistently produce exceptional pieces of equipment that cater to various needs within the industry. Unipress excels in manufacturing shirt units and utility processes, making them a trusted name among dry cleaners looking for quality and ease of use.

Another brand that deserves recognition is Fulton. When it comes to boiler systems, Fulton is a top choice for many dry cleaners. Their boilers are designed with simplicity in mind, allowing operators to start their day with ease.

Just a flip of the switch to turn the boiler on and another to turn it off—no need to explore the complexities of boiler management. Fulton boilers are known for their durability and ability to withstand the demands of the industry, taking on the abuse that often comes with daily use.

Ease of Use: Simplifying Equipment Management

The importance of ease of use cannot be overstated in the dry cleaning business. Operators often prefer to focus on their core tasks rather than dealing with the intricacies of equipment maintenance. Fulton’s user-friendly design exemplifies this philosophy. Their boilers are built to handle the rigors of daily operation without demanding a deep understanding of boiler maintenance.

Multi-Solvent Machines: Keeping Up with Environmental Concerns

As environmental consciousness continues to grow, the dry cleaning industry faces increasing pressure to adopt eco-friendly practices. One way to address this concern is by investing in multi-solvent dry cleaning machines.

Brands like Firbimatic offer a range of machines designed to accommodate various chemical fluids, including perchloroethylene (PERC), hydrocarbon, and Green Earth solutions. Having a multi-solvent dry cleaning machine is crucial for staying in line with environmental regulations and ensuring a sustainable future for the industry.

Accessibility of Parts: The Key to Hassle-Free Maintenance

Maintaining commercial laundry equipment becomes significantly easier when replacement parts are readily available. Unipress, being a product of the USA, provides the advantage of easy access to spare parts.

Sankosha, a Japanese brand, is another reliable choice in the industry, though sourcing parts might be a bit more challenging. On the other hand, many dry cleaning machines are made in Italy, which generally results in decent availability of replacement parts. However, as these machines age, finding parts for 15 to 20-year-old models can become a more complex task.


In the competitive world of commercial dry cleaning, the choice of equipment brands can make a significant difference. Brands like Unipress and Fulton have proven their mettle over the years, offering user-friendly and reliable solutions that meet the needs of modern dry cleaners. Investing in multi-solvent machines, such as those offered by Firbimatic, is also crucial to align with environmental concerns.

So, when you’re searching for the best commercial dry cleaning brands, keep these names in mind. They exemplify a long-standing commitment to efficiency and reliability in commercial laundry solutions, ensuring that your facilities “run clean” with stress-free equipment management.

If you have any questions or need further information about these brands or their products, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance in making the right choice for your business.

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