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What are the Most Energy Efficient Commercial Laundry Machines of 2023?

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If you are looking for the most energy efficient commercial laundry machines of 2023, the UniMac brand is a name you can’t afford to ignore. Made by Alliance Laundry Systems, UniMac has emerged from the humble city of Ripon, Wisconsin, to become arguably the top brand for on-premise laundries across the United States. Their customers range widely, including hotels, hospitality venues, and correctional facilities.

The UniMac Difference

UniMac machines come equipped with a unique feature known as 400g extracts. In layman’s terms, when the washer is spinning, it does so at a force of 400 Gs. This potent force removes the vast majority of the water from the linens. Consequently, instead of the standard 45 minutes to an hour drying time, you’re looking at just 15 to 20 minutes.

This quick-drying process does more than just save time. It reduces natural gas usage, thus contributing to the energy efficiency of these commercial laundry machines. Additionally, it prevents linens, particularly those high-thread-count sheets loved by hotels, from being overly dried and consequently ruined.

Innovative Door Rinse Process

Another innovation that sets UniMac apart and contributes to their status as some of the most energy efficient commercial laundry machines of 2023 is their spray-through-the-door rinse process. Rather than filling the washer with water for a deep bath, this method sprays water through the door during the rinse process.

This innovative rinsing technique uses only a third of the water amount typically required. Further enhancing efficiency are the fast-fill valves; four water valves ensure the washer fills up quickly, speeding up the throughput and allowing the next load to be processed sooner. This reduced water usage and faster washing cycle lead to significant time savings and reduced labor costs.

Labor Efficiency and Energy Savings With UniMac

Labor is a significant cost factor in the laundry business. The faster and more efficient the laundry process, the more labor costs can be cut. When you can shave off 15 minutes per load, that can equate to hours of saved labor by the end of the day.

With UniMac, it’s not just about energy efficiency, but labor efficiency too. Achieving these dual efficiencies ultimately contributes to operational savings. By cutting labor costs and conserving water, electricity, and gas, UniMac certainly stands out as a provider of the most energy efficient, labor-saving laundry solutions.

Ozone in the Laundry Process

A significant evolution in the field has been the use of ozone in the washing process. Employing ozone in the wash can eliminate up to 85-90% of hot water usage, shorten cycles, and reduce the need for chemical cleaning agents by 25 to 50%.

Aside from being an energy-saving method, ozone washing also doubles as a powerful disinfectant. It kills a variety of pathogens, including MRSA, C.diff, and coronaviruses, making it an effective and clean way of disinfecting. Once the ozone has done its job, it reverts back to oxygen, leaving no harmful byproducts.

UniMac’s Innovative Connectivity

In this digital age, even commercial laundry machines are connected to the internet, and UniMac is no exception. These machines can send notifications about potential issues with your machine, such as a problematic door lock or drain valve. A service tech can be dispatched before you even realize there’s an issue, ensuring the machine is fixed before it fully breaks down.

This proactive maintenance approach ensures minimal downtime for your laundry operation and eliminates the inconvenience of having to resort to a laundromat when machines are down. While there might be a small monthly monitoring fee, it’s a worthy investment to keep the most expensive part of the operation—labor—running smoothly.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, UniMac machines undoubtedly rank among the most energy efficient commercial laundry machines of 2023, combining innovative technologies, labor-saving measures, and proactive maintenance to offer a top-notch laundry solution. These machines don’t just provide clean linens; they deliver efficiency, savings, and peace of mind.

To learn more about how these machines can revolutionize your laundry operations, RJ Kool is always ready to assist you in making the most energy and labor-efficient choice for your business.

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