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What to Look for in a Commercial Laundry Solution Provider

commercial laundry provider

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Setting up a business that uses commercial or industrial washing and drying equipment is no easy task. Finding the right equipment is really only half the battle.

You also need to find a company that doesn’t think their job is done when you buy the machines. It’s vital that you find a supplier that can be with you when you need them, long after the check has cleared.

Check List for Your Commercial Laundry Provider

There are going to be different needs for those in different areas, but as a general rule, there need to be some policies that you will really want.

Financial Options

Many companies or organizations are going to have the cash to buy the machines you need. If you are looking at buying several, it’s going to be expensive.

Find a dealership that has options for payments. These could be anything from providing low-interest financing, leasing options, or little money down. If they offer to finance, is it flexible? There is no one plant that will fit all situations.

Brand Names

It is best to stick to names you know and have trusted in the past. While machines from overseas may be much cheaper, they very often are not. You may have problems with the machines and it can be very difficult, if not impossible to find parts or people to service them.

You want a certified distributor of the brand names you know. That means they are able to sell and service them. Brand name equipment will be more popular, and there will be no shortage of parts or people who can service them.

Capability and Functions

Not all machines are created equal. A busy gym will never need the same capacity of equipment that a hospital needs. You want a distributor who has plenty of options.

Some machines will be bigger, heavy-duty, or offer programmable features. If you need a machine that can be set to start at a certain time or have plenty of adjustable settings, you want that to be an option available to you.

Technology has advanced so that washers and dryers can be programmed to use less heat, less water, start at 6 am, presoak sheets for an hour, cycle control, and even be started and stopped remotely.


Well, you are not going to pay all that money just to not have anyone look after the machines. Make sure they offer services that are going to suit your business.

If a machine stops working, then productivity is not meeting its quota. This can be very costly for your business. You need to be able to not only depend on your machines but you need to know if you need help, it will be available.

Service can include installation, regular cleaning and maintenance, parts and service included for a specific set time, discounts, supplies, and after hours and emergency calls.

Commercial Laundry Distributor

Using a reputable laundry distributor will end up saving you money, time, and countless headaches. They have access to all the latest equipment, have trained and experienced service people and technicians to service and repair the equipment, and the knowledge and expertise needed to get the best machines.

You may find equipment cheaper, but when your business depends on it, don’t go shopping on Craigslist for cheap machines. You want machines that come with a warranty and a promise of delivery for years to come.

You can get used equipment from a reputable distributor, as well. You will know the equipment is refurbished and in top working order before it leaves their store.

A professional laundry systems provider will help you through all your equipment purchase from beginning to end, including laundry room design,  installation, and ongoing support and maintenance services.

Contact RJ Kool today for all your commercial laundry needs. They have years of experience, trained technicians nearby, and carry all the brand names you know and trust. Ask them all the questions you have.

From service and maintenance to parts and supplies, RJ Kool is your partner for stress-free commercial laundry and cleaning equipment, and washing system management. Contact them today near you.

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