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What You Need To Know About Laundry Equipment Warranties

laundry equipment warranties

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Laundry equipment warranties are an essential aspect of purchasing washing/drying machines if you want to safeguard your expensive investment. Since reliable equipment can cost well over $1,000 a piece, warranties protect you against defective equipment or other unexpected trouble. When you work with RJ Kool, you can count on our commitment to fulfilling all service and manufacturer warranties on everything you buy.

What are Laundry Equipment Warranties?

A warranty is somewhat like an insurance policy for your equipment, but it only lasts for a set duration. For your typical, run-of-the-mill washer or dryer, there’s often a one-year manufacturer warranty, which guarantees that the company will replace it if something breaks during that time. This applies to both the entire machine and/or any parts that break prematurely.

Some customers may even purchase extended warranties for added insurance on new models. Although it is uncommon for extended or regular warranties to apply to pre-owned models, you’ll see this often with new premium equipment. Since RJ Kool deals with commercial buyers, it’s common for warranty coverage to last longer than most residential machines, but it varies depending on what you purchase.

Are Laundry Equipment Warranties Worth It?

Is it worth it to pay more for new equipment just to have warranty protection?

It’s impossible to determine this for every scenario, but the value of warranties, like anything else, involves a cost-benefit calculus. In other words, you have to take into consideration what you pay for extended warranty coverage, referenced against the risk of your equipment breaking and causing an expensive repair.

Again, it doesn’t make much sense to apply for an extended warranty for used washing machines, automobiles, computer technology, or other items near the end of its life expectancy. That’s because you won’t recover enough, in the event of an accident, to justify paying for the warranty. It is, however, a nice hedge against damages, if perhaps you operate a large laundry facility with dozens of newer washers and dryers.

So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your laundry services, you probably will consider the deeper warranty packages, but you still have to weigh costs versus benefits. Representatives from RJ Kool can help you make this decision if you partner with us for new equipment service.

Other Terrific Reasons to Invest in New Laundry Machines

Of course, warranties aren’t the only reason to upgrade your laundry equipment. There is an array of benefits to ditching those older, noisier, and less reliable machines.

  • You’d like to enjoy modern equipment with faster cleaning and drying, as well as more user-friendly settings.
  • The current machines you use all chew through lots of electricity.
  • It would be nice to free up your staff from troubleshooting old or broken washers and dryers.
  • You’ve experienced a significant growth in patronage, which requires more laundry volume, and new machines are the only way to handle the pace of expansion.
  • You manage a hospital or other healthcare facility, must have clean fabrics for a variety of purposes, and cannot take chances with inferior products.

RJ Kool: The Midwest’s Leading Laundry Machine Supplier & Repair Company

We hope this gives you a decent glimpse at the value of product upgrades, including ways to protect your investment through warranty coverage. RJ Kool is more than happy to help you with any laundry-related concerns whether you operate a small vended laundry service or a major medical center. You can access our services from numerous locations throughout the Midwest.

We began our business back in the 1970s by selling and leasing washers and dryers from manufacturers like LG, Maytag, UniMac, and other reputable brands. This is still the primary focus of every member of the RJ Kool team.

If you have other questions about laundry equipment warranties, then feel free to contact us anytime for prompt assistance.

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