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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Laundry Equipment for Your Car Wash

Purchasing Laundry Equipment for car wash

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Purchasing laundry equipment for your car wash is different from many other businesses. The items that need to be laundered at your car wash are exposed to many different substances than most.

Besides the usual elements like grease, gas, and oil, there can be plenty of other substances that the vehicle has come in contact with. Everything from cleaning materials to uniforms needs to be cleaned and sanitized.

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Laundry Equipment for Your Car Wash

Technology has advanced laundry equipment to make them easier to use, program, and perform much better. For a car wash, you need a few very specific features.

Ease of Use

Laundry equipment for your car wash is likely going to be operated by the same people who do most of the other work. That means people don’t have time to be messing about with complicated machines.

You want your car wash laundry equipment to be easy to use for everyone. Throw in the soiled items, push a button, get back to work. Make sure the machine is easy and set to do the same job each time.

Commercial Equipment

You can’t depend on for-home laundry equipment for your car wash. You will be doing a lot more laundry every day than your average household, plus the items being washed will require more attention.

You need your towels to be washed and dried to be ready for attending to the vehicles without rough spots that will scratch or not absorb the water. You also need equipment built to handle the grime and grease that will come off a car.

Fast and Efficient

Laundry equipment for your car wash needs to be able to function at its best all the time. The cars don’t take long to move through the bays so you need fresh clean towels and washcloths every few minutes.

The machines also need to be able to remove the soap and chemicals that are used to clean service the cars plus whatever else is coming off the vehicles. These machines need to complete their cycle fast and thoroughly.

Water and Energy-Efficient

Your car wash already uses a lot of energy and water. Heating the water, and the gallons of water needed to clean all those vehicles really adds up during even one day of work.

You want a washing machine that uses water well and doesn’t waste more than is needed. Smart machines with sensors can detect what fabric is being washed, how much water is needed, and can perform a pre-soak in order to complete the cycle faster.


Laundry equipment for your car wash needs to be programmable. Set the equipment to run loads of laundry overnight and while you are not there or not busy.

That will save time and money. Washers can be set to start before anyone gets to work, so you have fresh clean towels and overalls for the day. These settings can be set and started remotely for convenience.

Laundry Equipment for Your Car Wash

There are machines designed specifically for your car wash needs. Time is money at the car wash and people need to get vehicles through quickly. Find out more about laundry equipment for your car wash here at RJ Kool.

We work closely with our customers to identify and address the key concerns they face every day, all while offering the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. Our industry-leading cycle times help you turn around your laundry much faster. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us today to know more.

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