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Why Businesses Should Not Use Residential Laundry Equipment

residential laundry equipment

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If you are in need of commercial laundry equipment, don’t settle for residential machines. These machines are made differently for a reason. It’s not unheard of for people to use commercial laundry equipment in their homes, but don’t use the wrong equipment for your business.

But if you need to do a lot of laundry throughout your business day, like at a gym or a spa, you shouldn’t rely on residential laundry equipment. People might think they are saving money, but they are not.

Why Businesses Should Not Use Residential Laundry Equipment

Commercial laundry equipment is built to cope with more than your residential machines can.

More Powerful

Hotels, spas, gyms, hospitals, correctional facilities, restaurants, and the like all need a lot of laundry every day. That means the machines are running all day, every day.

The residential machines will simply not be able to handle the number of loads or the size of the loads. Items like sheets, towels, tablecloths, robes, or uniforms that are needed.

All of these items are single-use so they need to be laundered afterward. You need laundry equipment that will be able to cope. You would need two or three resident machines to handle it all and that is not saving you time or money.


Commercial equipment can hold a lot more items than a residential one can. They are bigger so more will fit inside. They also have more settings than a standard machine meant for your home.

You can program them to wash during non-peak hours, overnight, and there are settings for various types of material. This keeps them looking better and makes sure they last much longer.


Commercial washers and dryers will last a lot longer and outperform any domestic machines. These types of machines are built to last and to perform. Plus, with the new advancements in technology, you now have so many more options available.

When you need your machines to be running all day, load after load, you need to know that your laundry equipment is up to the task. Reliable commercial laundry equipment is simply built to withstand more than a weekly use.


Using a residential washer and dryer to do the work of something much larger may void your warranty. These residential machines are not meant to cope with the amount of laundry that you may need for your business.

If your machines break down sooner than they should, your dealer or manufacturer may not accept your claim. These machines are just not meant to handle too much laundry.

Even residential machines that claim to be powerful and industrial strength are very often not. Don’t waste your time and money on a machine that simply is not up for the job.


Many types of commercial laundry equipment are designed to use less energy, less water, and can be programmed to do shorter cycles with a pre-soak cycle. Front-loading vs top-loading, energy-saving functions, and using less water can all help to keep your costs lower and lessen your carbon footprint.

While commercial equipment is more expensive, you will actually spend a lot more by using the wrong type of machines. These residential machines will add to your unnecessary waste and ultimately, cost.

Commercial Laundry Equipment

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