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Why Consider a New Traditional Route Contract?

traditional route contract

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Proving the best in laundry equipment for your building can be done much easier with a new traditional route contract. A traditional route contract splits the costs and profits with the supplier and yourself.

A fixed-rate contract will mean you can rest easy knowing that the price will stay and your tenants can enjoy the best laundry equipment. You can also make a profit.

Traditional Route Contracts

Laundry facilities in multi-family buildings can be a lot to cope with. They get used a lot, they get dirty, they get worn down or break down, they get broken into. Eliminate those problems with a great laundry provider.

Well Maintained

When you have a traditional route contract, you can let us worry about maintaining the equipment. That means tenants won’t be bothering you to constantly fix the machines.

Not only the equipment, but the room itself, the lighting, the cleanliness, and the laundry supplies will all be looked after. If machines do have issues, we take care of them or replace them.

You will know you always have well-maintained, working laundry machines. That can mean that the machines will always be working because they are checked and serviced regularly.

No Loss of Income

If you don’t have a great contract or the equipment belongs to the building, you can be out of pocket very often. Servicing the machines, replacing them, or just having them out of service.

Your tenants may decide to go elsewhere to wash their clothes. It might be easier for them to go to a commercial laundry mat where there are plenty of machines and they can do everything all at once.

Whether machines are out of service or people are simply going somewhere else, that is a loss of income you can do without. Your traditional route contract will make sure that never happens.

Appealing to Potential New Tenants

Many apartment complexes overlook the appeal of a nice laundry room. But it actually matters a great deal. If a family is looking for a new place to live, a clean, safe, functioning laundry facility can make or break the deal.

Lunging laundry out every week or even more often can be exhausting. If there are plenty of baby clothes or work clothes that need regular cleaning, that’s a lot of trips outside to an off-site facility.

When people see that nice clean laundry room, they know they have the option of just popping down with a load or two every day, if they need to. Your traditional route contract will ensure that is always the case.

Happy Tenants

A great laundry room means people are happy and happy tenants mean less turnover. That saves you money right there. Plus, you can increase the rent a bit when you have fantastic laundry equipment, as that will be well worth the price for your tenants.

People feel safer, they can socialize and they will also be more willing to take care of the facilities themselves. People who feel appreciated return the favor. Well-maintained, new equipment will not be subjected to vandalism or neglect.

If people don’t feel that the laundry room is a welcoming place or they are afraid to put their clothes in the machines, you have a big problem. Your traditional route contract will take care of that.

Traditional Route Contract

Give us a call today at RJ Kool today and ask about the fixed-rate contract. Make your life and your tenant’s lives much easier with new and modern equipment for your apartment complex.

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