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Why Ozone is a Solution for Healthcare Laundry Services

Healthcare Laundry Services

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Healthcare laundry services present many unique challenges, with antibiotic-resistant bacteria being one of them. These strains of bacteria often prove fatal for the immunocompromised. Healthcare workers must balance fighting germs against the costs that come with some solutions.

However, there are solutions available that can help lessen the impact of this bacteria, with ozone being a leading solution. Ozone washing has emerged as a popular solution for effective disinfecting. Read on to learn more about the impact that ozone may have on laundry services in the healthcare field.

What Are Some Common Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Types?

Two of the most common antibiotic-resistant bacteria include C. diff and Staph. One of the things that make C. diff particularly difficult for antibiotics to kill is that the spores have a hard outer shell. Staph is a bacteria with a particularly high community spread rate that often escalates into situations where there is at least a threat of amputation.

However, ozone added to washing cycles helps get rid of these particularly stubborn types of bacteria, reducing the risk for patients. Ozone added to wash cycles has a 99.999% kill rate for C. diff if cold water is used. Staph is an easy bacteria to kill with low ozone concentrations.

Can Ozone in Healthcare Laundry Services Help Save Lives?

Healthcare laundry services need to address cleaning and disinfecting for several types of products, including:

  • Employee uniforms
  • Clothing for patients or residents
  • Towels
  • Bedding

Most facilities, regardless of the number of patients or employees they have, go through a high volume of linens. Because many of these items will be reused multiple times, proper sanitization is essential. In circumstances with patients most vulnerable to disease, proper sanitizing is essential.

One of the healthcare settings where cleaning and disinfecting are of particular importance is nursing homes. Viruses like COVID-19 and antibiotic-resistant infections can make laundry more challenging than it already is. However, using ozone in wash water for nursing home laundry can help save lives.

How Does Ozone Provide a Better Cleaning Process?

Ozone helps disinfect linens more effectively, helping to stop the spread of pathogens. When used on cleaning cloths, the chances of pathogens surviving on the surface are low. Another advantage of ozone is that it reduces the chances of mildew forming in the washing machine.

Ozone is electrolytically infused water that is free from chemical residue, making it safer than chemicals traditionally used for disinfecting like chlorine. Having to use less detergent is always a benefit. Lastly, laundry using ozone requires lower water temperatures, which leads to reduced energy costs.

Healthcare Laundry Services: Does Ozone Help Make Laundry Softer?

Fabric softener does make clothes softer, but this softness comes at a price. Using a fabric softener makes laundry retain moisture for longer. One of the effects of this moisture retention is increased drying time, which gradually degrades fabric.

Ozone washing, on the other hand, helps soften the fabric without the addition of commercial softeners. The linens will be more likely to withstand longer-term use. Healthcare facilities are likely to enjoy the benefits of reduced costs by delaying the replacement of linens that have become too stiff for regular use.

What Are the Next Steps in Using Ozone as a Laundry Solution?

Although ozone washing systems have been around for at least 20 years, recent outbreaks of diseases like COVID-19, C. diff, and Staph have made medical professionals take a closer look at the benefits of ozone in laundry services.

RJ Kool is dedicated to promoting the convenience, health, and environmental benefits of laundry equipment used in high-capacity settings. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare laundry services and other products and services for your laundry needs.

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