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3 Reasons to Provide Laundry Services as an Amenity for Your Tenants

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Providing laundry services as an amenity for your tenants is more than just a kindness. There are several reasons why your building should have onsite laundry facilities.

If you don’t provide laundry services because you think it’s added work or expense, it’s actually the opposite. There are not only benefits for your tenants, but for you as a landlord or building owner, as well.

3 Reasons to Provide Laundry Services as an Amenity for Your Tenants

If you are worried that providing laundry service as an amenity is too much work, perhaps you need to rethink that.

1. You Don’t Have to Do the Work

Hiring a laundry provider service to maintain and monitor your laundry facilities means you don’t have to worry. With a great contract and leasing machines, the work is all taken care of.

You can decide what type of machines you want, what type of payment system will work best for your building, and a choice of various machines. We take care of the laundry facilities, including cleaning, stocking laundry products, and maintaining or replacing the machines, when needed.

That means you don’t have to worry. With options of payments for using the machines, you also cut down on the chances of damage to the machines due to theft.

2. Extra Income

The bottom line is, your tenants need to wash their clothes. If they don’t have a place to do their laundry on-site, then they are going somewhere else to do it. That means all that income is leaving, too.

You might think it’s only a few dollars, but at the end of the month, that’s actually quite a few dollars. Laundry services as an amenity will be used every day, which means income every day.

Laundry services on-site keep your tenants there. They are not leaving to do their laundry somewhere else and they are not considering moving due to a more convenient way of getting their weekly laundry taken care of.

There can also be a bit of extra income from a slightly higher rent. You can charge more for rent when you provide laundry services. You can’t justify a higher rent without providing laundry services as an amenity.

3. Better Tenants

Providing laundry services as an amenity will attract a better quality of tenants. A clean, safe, and well-maintained laundry room is actually a big selling point for most renters.

It can also help to retain your tenants longer. While a laundry room isn’t the biggest asset, it is certainly a top priority. If they have to lug their laundry out off-site once or twice a week, that’s a lot.

If the weather is bad, then they are going to get fed up and move. That’s another big expense for you. The empty apartment, the wear and tear on the building, the loss of income.

Laundry Services as an Amenity

It’s quite easy. When your tenants are happy, you will be happy. There is no magic solution for tenant and landlord relationships to be ideal, but providing laundry service as an amenity will certainly help.

When you use a service to keep the facilities clean and serviced, your tenants will be less likely to leave a mess, take advantage, or go somewhere else to do their laundry.

They want a clean, safe place to get their laundry done. A laundry room is more than just a place to wash clothes. It’s a common area that they all share. Put up a bulletin board, add a few chairs and some magazines or games for the kids.

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