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New Laundry Payment Systems Make Quarters a Thing of the Past

new laundry payment systems

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Adding more convenience to your commercial laundry is easy with new laundry payment systems. Whether you have a laundromat, commercial equipment in a multi-family complex, or other types of pay-per-use laundry equipment, there are options.

These payment systems make it much more convenient for you and for the people who use your equipment. There are several different types available so depending on your service, you may be able to employ more than one.

New Laundry Payment Systems

These new laundry payment systems eliminate the need for people to need correct change. That means you lose any business because people can’t use your equipment.

You don’t have to worry about providing change for your customers, either by change-making machines or in person. It’s far more convenient for the people using your facilities.

You don’t have to worry about people breaking into the machines, either, be it your washers and dryers, soap supplies, or a change machine on the premises. Cashless machines will completely eliminate the damage that gets done to laundry equipment.

Card Readers

Washers and dryers can be fitted out with a card reader. This allows your customers to use a debit card, a credit card, or some type of card that you or the equipment service provider.

Users can simply swipe their cards to pay for their washing and drying. For other types of cards that are meant to be used for the laundry machines only. They can be topped up when needed to be used over and over again.

Mobile Apps

For particular laundry payment systems, your customers can download an app that is wired to your laundry equipment. They can add money to their app as needed with their credit card, debit card, or even other payment systems like PayPal.

It’s a less expensive method for the owner of the equipment as they don’t need a card reader. The app is like any other type of online wallet, so when they need the laundry equipment, they simply tap their app to pay.

When their app runs low on funds, they can simply add another payment to it. That way they don’t need to worry about finding the right change or forgetting their bank card.

Apps that are connected to specific machines allow the user to check the app to see if the machines are available. They can see how much is left on their balance and the app can also send notifications regarding the status of the machines you are using.

Some may even have reward programs for your customers. These may be points systems that add up and your customers can redeem them for free services.

Laundry Payment Systems

It’s convenient for you, as well. You can keep track of all the payments and uses of all your equipment. You can keep track of peak hours, keep track of all inventory, and even monitor the machines.

While eliminating cash from your premises altogether might seem like a good idea, you can also have systems that accept all types of payments. This may not be necessary for an apartment complex.

But if you operate a busy laundromat that sees a lot of traffic and even tourist trade, it can certainly be to your benefit to offer choices all at the same time. Keeping it to one system is beneficial in some cases, but not for all.

For more information about what type of laundry payment system might be best for your facility, don’t hesitate to call us here at RJ Kool.

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