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3 Ways Water Efficient Commercial Laundry Machines Can Benefit Your Operation

Water Efficient Commercial Laundry Machines

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Water efficient commercial laundry machines can make a major difference in your facility’s overall success. Buying new equipment, regardless of whether it is for an existing or new facility, always presents a unique set of challenges.

Although capacity is a major factor, water efficiency is one of the things that makes a major difference. Read on to learn more about why water efficiency matters so much for your business.

Water Efficient Laundry Machines May Have Technology That Makes Loads More Efficient

Many of the more efficient machines make use of a technology known as automatic load sensing. Machines that have this feature can weigh and measure every load that goes into the machine s that only the required amount of water ends up getting used. One of the things this feature can do is prevent excess amounts of water from being used in each load.

Another feature that is very important in water efficient laundry machines is high-speed extraction drying. The washing machine’s spin cycle is where the water extraction process begins during the load. When more water is extracted during the spin cycle, the laundry will dry faster and more efficiently.

Water Efficient Commercial Laundry Machines Are Better for the Environment

Water efficient commercial laundry machines can help you reach any goal of reducing your environmental impact. If you want to broaden your customer base, taking steps to protect the environment has a broad appeal.

A majority of current consumers take sustainability into account when selecting businesses to support. Using machines with greater water efficiency might easily set you apart from your competition.

Although most commercial laundromat customers live in multifamily settings, there is also a market for more water efficient machines among homeowners. Many homeowners have machines that are not up to current efficiency standards and may use laundromat machines part of the time. Sometimes, large loads like blankets and other bed linens are done at laundromats instead of at home.

These customers may opt for a laundry facility that presents itself as helping the environment. Commercial machines use less water per load, a significant advantage over residential machines. These machines, with their higher capacity, allow for fewer loads to have to be processed. Homeowners interested in a greener lifestyle may find these facilities an attractive alternative to using their less efficient machines at home.

Efficient Machines Also Save on Utility Costs

Of the many variable costs that laundromats have to deal with, utility costs are among the highest. Your water bills will account for much of this overall cost. When you have the chance to save on your water bill, this money is easier to allocate to other areas where there may be a greater need, which is always a concern for businesses that have greatly varying costs every month.

Water efficiency in machines also equates to greater energy efficiency. The more energy that your machines conserve, the less they will require to heat up the water for each load. You’ll also have lower electricity and gas bills, making these efficient machines a win all around.

What Should You Do Next?

The machines that your business uses will make a difference in overall customer satisfaction. When you choose your machines for efficiency, you are helping to protect the environment, control your costs, and potentially attract new customers concerned about their environmental impact.

Choosing a company with the necessary experience will help you meet your goals. You’ll want to use a company that can help you during each part of your journey.

RJ Kool is a full-service laundry equipment distributor ready to help you with your water efficient laundry machine needs; contact us today for more information about sales and service options.

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