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Advantages to Purchasing New Commercial Laundry Equipment for Your Self-Serve Facility

New Commercial Laundry Equipment

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It goes without saying that new commercial laundry equipment adds a lot to any self-serve facility. Besides simply replacing outdated equipment, you’re easing the burden on your staff and improving workflows.

Updated equipment provides optimum convenience for you and your customers. Read on to learn more about what new equipment can do for your facility.

A More Eco-Friendly Option for Everyone

Reducing your overall environmental impact is an important goal to try to meet. Many environmental groups are interested in providing rewards to businesses that do their part. Some customers prefer using environmentally-friendly businesses as well.

Checking out the Energy Star criteria for a building your laundromat’s size can prove very helpful. In addition to selecting machines that help meet your goals, you can find out what other tips may help. For example, you may want to adjust your lighting appropriately.

Buying New Commercial Laundry Equipment Requires Less Maintenance

New commercial laundry equipment will require less maintenance overall. Older equipment that is not properly maintained will be a lot more likely to break down. The worst thing about equipment that breaks down is how negatively it might impact your business.

One of the most frustrating parts of fewer functional machines is the increased workload required all around. In addition to having everything slow down because of non-functional machines, the cost of repairs will be high. The more repair technicians have to service your equipment, the more the costs will build up and make replacement difficult.

Upgrading your equipment helps make large-scale disruption a thing of the past for your laundry business. Although you will still need to have your machines serviced, new equipment will mean fewer of these calls. Most of your service calls will be more likely to be maintenance, rather than, repair-related.

Better-Quality Washing

One of the things that set successful laundry businesses apart is the quality of the wash their machines provide. The longer clothing or other linens go without proper washing, the more stains will set in. Having the proper number of machines makes it easier for customers to get their laundry clean before stains become permanent.

Newer machines can do laundry much faster, using less energy in the process. The more recent models offer maximum flexibility for customers. With these machines lasting over far more loads before requiring service, they can save a lot of money.

Purchasing New Commercial Laundry Equipment: Reducing Your Company’s Overall Costs

Ironically, spending money on new equipment will likely lead to lower costs. The reduced efficiency of many older machines usually creates unnecessary costs. Newer machines, by contrast, require less water and energy, regardless of whether they are single-load or high-capacity.

One of the benefits of newer washers is that they extract more water during the spin cycle, leading to less time spent during drying. Some newer models also offer better dosing features for detergents and softeners. Overall, the financial advantages include better productivity for all involved and reduced utility costs.

You Want to Upgrade – What Are Your Next Steps?

If you’ve decided to upgrade at least some of your machines, the advantages that you see likely include:

  • A better cleaning quality over what older machines offer
  • Less overall resource usage
  • Faster cycles that allow greater customer convenience

Choosing a provider that offers some of the best brands is an important step for anyone considering an upgrade to take. Access to new and pre-owned equipment will help you make the best choices for your business’s needs. You can make sure your business stays fully operational, with minimal future repair needs.

RJ Kool offers the new commercial laundry equipment that businesses need for their success, contact us today to see what solutions we can offer for your self-service facility.

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