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4 Benefits to Bringing Your Commercial Laundry Services In-house

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For people who own a business that produces a lot of laundry, you may use a commercial laundry service. This might seem more convenient, but that is not actually the case. If you have the space available, you might want to consider having your laundry washed and dried in-house. There are actually several benefits to doing it yourself or at least, keeping it on-site.

4 Benefits to Bringing Your Commercial Laundry Services In-house

For larger institutions, you should look at how keeping your commercial laundry service in-house can benefit you. There are several ways.

1. Cost

Every business, regardless of its size, is always interested in keeping costs low. The cost of running a larger institution is a headache and people are always looking at ways of keeping that cost lowered.

Each business is going to be different, but there are savings to be found by having a commercial laundry in your facility. If you produce a lot of laundry every day, then there will be significant savings each year. The weekly cost of running your own laundry service in-house will be much less than having it sent out.

Programmable machines can run when there is less drain on the system, saving you money by running at night, using lower temperatures, less water, and adding a pre-soak cycle to ensure they are easier to clean.

2. Turn Around Time

The turn-around will be much faster, no waiting for the laundry to get back to your building. There will be far less chance of running out of items, as you can have them laundered the same day.

If you use a lot of sheets or towels, you can have them washed and dried in about an hour. That’s far better than next-day service. Plus, if you are dealing with a backlog of other people’s items, inclement weather, or mechanical errors, the wait can be too long.

The programmable machines can be set to start during off-peak times, as well. This can use less energy and when people come to work in the morning, the laundry has already been run through.

3. Quality Control

Keeping the laundry in-house gives you far more control over the entire process, from handling, to chemicals used, to overall damages and replacement needs if items are lost.

The condition of your towels or linens will matter, whether it is in a gym, a hair salon, or a hospital. Items getting damaged, torn, stained, or even just missing or mixed up with someone else’s laundry doesn’t give your customers a lot of confidence in you.

Some commercial laundry services could use harsh chemicals that can damage the lines and other items being laundered, and even have health side effects. It’s better to know what you are actually putting in the laundry.

4. Easy To Use

There is no need to worry about training as any reputable dealer will help you train and teach your staff how to operate all the equipment. Technology makes it very easy to operate, preset, and program all the commercial laundry service equipment.

Easy manuals, easy-to-read panels and buttons, screens that tell you what is actually going on and if there are any concerns or problems with each cycle. These new machines practically run themselves.

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