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The Steps You Need to Take to Engage in Commercial Laundry Services

steps need take engage commercial laundry services

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Getting started in the commercial laundry services business may seem a bit daunting at first. But, it is a service that everyone needs. Whether you are starting a coin-operated facility or setting up laundry for a school or hospital, you can’t just jump in.

There are certain procedures you need to take to make sure you don’t make any costly mistakes. You need to do your homework, seek advice, and do it all right the first time.

Steps to Engaging Commercial Laundry Services

It may seem overwhelming, with so many options available. But it won’t take long for you to find the right distributor.

Check Online

You can cut down a lot of wasted time and energy by checking out commercial laundry suppliers online. Here, you can check what types of equipment and brand names they carry or have access to.

You can see how long they have been in business, how big their company is, places and business they deal with, and find all their licenses and certifications all in one place.

You can also find customer reviews about each company. Look at the comments on their website, but do an independent search, as well. You will be able to find review forums and sites that provide honest and open opinions about the company.

Keep in mind, not all bad reviews should be taken seriously. Competitors are known to pay people to post positive and negative reviews online. Take each comment in stride.

Set Your Budget

Whether you are working on your own, part of an organization, like a school, or manager of a hotel, your budget is likely not very flexible. Once the budget is in place, you need to stick to it.

This needs to come up in discussions when talking about the cost of the equipment, monthly operating costs, maintenance, supplies, and how much energy will they use.

This is a good time to ask about what else is included with the price of the machines. Will they service them, are parts free or at a discount for a period of time, and do they provide emergency service calls.

Make a List, Start Calling

Once you have a few you like, and you should have at least three to five, to start, start your list of questions. Tailor the questions to suit your individual business, but also have a few general questions that you are going to need answers to, like service and warranties.

Call the companies and ask your questions, or make an appointment to go in and see them. Going in will give you a good idea of the type of company they are and what type of service you can expect.

It will also give you a chance to see the actual equipment, what it can do, and what features are available. You can also see the size of the machines and whether or not they will be suitable for your establishment.

The Equipment

A quality distributor will be able to work with you and a designer to make sure everything goes to plan. They will visit your site and take measurements, make sure you have adequate drainage, access to electricity, proper ventilation, sturdy floors, and space to get the machines in and out.

They will also help you decide on whether you need top or front-loading machines, energy-efficient machines, how many machines will fit, and what machines are best suited for your particular business.

They will also guide you on pricing, features you will be best suited to, and even help you with financing. Many good distributors offer the option of leasing and the choices of new and used equipment.

Go With The Pros

When it comes to commercial laundry equipment, this is not the time to cut corners. You need quality equipment with a company that will back them up. Contact the company, let them assess your situation, and work out the best deal you can.

Trust the experts at RJ Kool for all your commercial laundry needs.

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