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4 Reasons to Upgrade Healthcare Laundry Equipment

Healthcare Laundry Equipment

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It’s vital that everything is sanitized in a healthcare facility which is why you may need to upgrade your healthcare laundry equipment. Better quality equipment not only works better but can save your facility money.

Hospitals, memory care homes, homes for the elderly all go through a lot of laundries, so the machines are going to be running all the time.  Quality machines will help take care of all that work much more efficiently.

4 Reasons to Upgrade Healthcare Laundry Equipment

In a large facility like a hospital, there is going to be a lot of laundries. This included sheets, towels, uniforms, all of which need to be washed regularly and washed well.


It is imperative in a hospital or similar setting that all the linens and uniforms are cleaned and sanitized. Upgrade healthcare laundry equipment to get the maximum benefits.

Machines that can inject cleaning solutions and may include a sanitizing rinse cycle. There are machines that will not allow you to take the items out until the cycles are completed, to avoid contamination while operating.

Better quality machines can kill germs and bacteria that spread around a healthcare facility. They can get rid of odors, stains, and other organic matter that is commonly found in hospitals.

Saves Money

Healthcare facilities are always very conscious of their budgets. The ability to cut down on utilities from your laundry alone will be a big improvement. Energy-efficient machines cut back on the amount of electricity they use and the amount of water.

Larger machines can handle a bigger load, which means there isn’t a need to do as many loads per day. A few larger loads, throughout the day and night, mean less time spent doing the laundry.

With an upgrade of healthcare laundry equipment, you can cut the water usage in half. That’s a big improvement for a facility that already needs a lot of water every day.

Programmable Machines

Machines can be set to run during the night or start early in the morning so when staff arrives, a lot of the work is already finished. Pre-soak settings are great for heavily soiled or stained linens, and heavy extractors remove more water for less drying time.

Because there are more than a few machines, each machine can be set to clean its own particular items. Beyond the programming, smart machines have sensors that can detect soiled items, the size of the load, how much detergent there is, and how much water to use.

Machines with sensors don’t need to be reset with each load. The sensors make the adjustments on their own, saving time with your laundry team. Setting machines to operate off-peak hours can also be a big help and save time and money.


If your machines are constantly in need of repair or service calls, that is a cost and waste of time you can do without. New machines can handle a lot of work and they are built to last.

Machines can work harder in a shorter period of time. That is very important when you need the sheets and towels cleaned every day. You need machines you can depend on.

Upgrade Healthcare Laundry Equipment

Keeping up with standards of cleanliness and trying to stay within your operating budget is often difficult. Upgrade healthcare laundry equipment for more efficient laundry facilities.

Commercial laundry equipment specifically for healthcare will meet all your needs. For more information, please contact us here at RJ Kool. We have new and used machines, supplies, and offer service and repair.

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