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A Buying Guide For Apartment Complex Laundry Equipment

apartment complex laundry equipment

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If you are looking to buy apartment complex laundry equipment for the first time or are looking to upgrade, you’re in luck. There are plenty of choices available regarding equipment and leasing options.

Installing laundry equipment in your apartment complex does not require a lot of work and it can be a nice, steady source of income. With the right maintenance program, these machines will be a great asset for your tenants.

A Buying Guide For Apartment Complex Laundry Equipment

You can find the best washers and dryers for your apartment complex that keep your tenants happy and keep a steady income for your business.

Get The Right Machines

It’s important to get commercial washers and dryers. Residential equipment just doesn’t have what it takes to handle as many loads as commercial equipment.

Commercial machines are also bigger. They can handle a bigger load for both washing and drying, so it saves your tenants time and money. People don’t really want to spend all day running back and forth.

Payment Systems

You can make it more convenient for your tenants to do their laundry without having to fuss about getting the proper change. Card readers or apps for their mobiles are becoming more and more popular.

You save your machines from being broken into for the change, as well. It’s easier for your tenants to charge their loyalty cards, or use debit or credit cards.

Add More Machines

Cut down wait time and frustration by having enough machines. Apartment complex laundry equipment is almost always busy, so get in a few more. It makes life much easier for everyone.

Plus, if one machine is in need of maintenance, then you still have plenty more. If space is limited, there are stacked machines available. For larger complexes, you can add them to other floors.

Keep it Clean and Maintained

Regular checks throughout the day will make sure all the equipment is working well and there are no concerns. Clean up spills, make sure soap and other laundry supplies are full, and that garbage is not overflowing.

Some polite signage can help remind tenants to clean up after themselves, like cleaning out the lint traps and wiping the dog hair out of their washing machine.

Safety First

A vital part of apartment complex laundry equipment needs is a room that is safe. Make sure the lights are all working, that no one is using the room for illicit behavior, and that there is no damaged furniture or machines.

If people don’t feel safe going into the laundry room, that means a loss of income for you. It won’t matter how nice your new laundry equipment is, if people feel threatened, they won’t use it.

Make it a social room, add things for kids, magazines, tables for flooding, chairs, and even a community board. You want people to use the equipment you buy, as it is expensive.

Find a Reputable Dealer

Find a dealer you trust and feel comfortable asking questions about the equipment. Let them know what you have regarding space, the number of tenants, and your budget.

Apartment complex laundry equipment has come a long way over the years. With so many options to make the task of laundry so much more convenient, you should have no problem finding the perfect equipment for your building.

Contact us here at RJ Kool for more information regarding new or upgrade equipment for your apartment complex. We carry brand names you know and trust, offer service, supplies, and so much more.

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