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Coinless Options for Your Multifamily Housing Laundry Equipment

Multifamily Housing Laundry Equipment Omaha Commercial Laundry

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Multifamily housing laundry equipment performs an important function for residents, serving users from a variety of backgrounds. There are laundry equipment options for multi-family housing serving:

  • Apartment and condominium communities
  • Hotels and motels
  • Retirement communities
  • College dormitories
  • RV parks

Many owners and managers at these types of properties have started to switch to coinless options for laundry, citing increased convenience for facility managers. Read on to learn more about the benefits of going coinless for your multi-family housing community.

How Do Most Coinless Options for Laundry Equipment Work?

Most coinless machines used for laundry use a reloadable card that users fill with funds. In recent years, some providers have started adding support for popular mobile payment apps. These coinless options offer flexibility that may have previously been unavailable outside commercial laundromats.

One of the advantages of coinless machines is not having to have someone available to make changes to bills. Running out of change on a busy day is a possibility that may involve trips back and forth to a bank. Property managers in these types of housing have a lot of responsibilities to think about, and managing coin-based equipment does not need to become one of them.

Coinless Multifamily Housing Laundry Equipment Makes Everything Safer

Another advantage of using multifamily housing laundry equipment that is coinless is better safety and security for everyone. As these facilities are usually self-serve, they present some challenges that may impact users in some way. Removing the use of coins from the equation solves many of these problems easily.

Sometimes, users who want to try to get off without paying for their laundry use foreign coins or slugs to trick the machines into working. The use of these items is unfair to those who pay for their laundry. Foreign coins and slugs are also a problem because they can jam up the coin boxes.

Depending on the quality of security that the facility boasts, there is also a risk of thieves detaching and stealing coin boxes. Your facility will encounter fewer problems with theft when you don’t have coin boxes to steal. You may be able to delay or avoid taking extra security measures only in place because of the coins.

Using a coin-free system also offers assurance that everyone pays for their laundry. Users enjoy this idea as much as the owners because it helps keep the costs of doing laundry down.

Greater Convenience for Laundry Users and Owners Overall

Dispensing with coins for laundry is helpful in settings where users are less likely to carry a lot of cash. With more people paying for purchases online or using mobile phones, the number of people who carry no cash keeps growing. Loading funds to a card that is easy to refill help suit the needs of cash-free users.

There is another advantage to coinless systems that helps business owners out, particularly at tax time. For example, when you use coins at your laundry facility, someone has to collect and coin the coins. Not every business has the resources to hire someone to manage this task, and property managers are often too busy to manage coin boxes along with everything else.

When you have enough rolls of coins to deposit at the bank, someone also has to handle this task. Because you’ll most likely want to do this during business hours, your staff must have the time. Coinless systems that collect payment via card or payment app use direct deposit for fewer hassles.

Reconciling your revenue is easier because the coinless systems leave a trail, so you know what your earnings are at any time. With coins, reconciling everything is more difficult, particularly in the event of an audit.

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